Last Day on Earth: Survival App Anmeldelser


I’ve used the recycle bench a lot and sometimes when I put an item in it I get nothing back. Can’t find main engine for vehicle to cross the water. Circuit boards are to hard to find or get from recycling stuff. Make firearms break after the run out of ammo instead of disappearing. Or, just stop working until you get more ammo. Turrets waste tons of resources. Toxic zombies come right to me as soon as I enter certain areas. Barely move and here they come. Zombies don’t run !!! Losing interest really fast cause about all I can do is move around in one location. Seems like more and more work with very little return. Fix it please !!!


Probably one of the most irritating games I’ve ever played.


So I just got back into the game after a long time and left my base to go collect the loot from the air drop only to stupidly re enter my base and now the plane event won’t spawn no matter how many times I enter and exit my base it won’t spawn

No chance update

I like this game but once you die you’re done zombies will kill you and you life is over. You don’t get anything for spending money on this game you spend 4.99 and get 1 item and The chances of getting an above average item is 25%-5% depending on its rarity

To the creator

You should make a game that you to survive on the MOON!and I don’t care what you and as long as it’s space related and you should be able to kill aliens

I love this game but

I love the game. My issue is why can I only open one box (each ticket color) per bunker opening? I have 80 green tickets but can only open it once this is bull crap. If I have 100 green tickets I should be able to open it 5 times no limit per day.


Right now I am in a tough spot and it is harder now. I would not say this is a pay to play game so if you are complaining about plain crashes then just wait. They come in a lot if you are lvl 1-6 and after that you just have to be lucky. It would be nice if you added more special events that gives you lots of loot and guns though. I recommend this for everyone and do not listen to the guys that have no life and said this was horrible.


Wondeful, I love this game

Closes on me

So, I'm trying to go to the destroyed convoy and the game keeps closing on me and I won't be able to get any good loot. So please fix this. Thanks!:)

Nice job creator

I don’t have anything good but I can do lots of stuff I kill tons of zombies never miss a shot And I love this game

Die twice and lose everything you’ve collected

I enjoyed the game, was fun kinda difficult and interesting. You get to build and fight but your backpack is small and have to take 3 trips to every location. I went to alpha bunker died from a giant, went back to get my stuff died from a different giant out of nowhere and lost all of my tickets, food, parts, clothes and weapons and you’re just SOL. I uninstalled because it took a long time to collect it all. Part of the game but shouldn’t lose it.

Attacked during load screens

Pretty awesome game, only complaint I have is that I frequently get attacked during the load screens. I tried different connections Wi-Fi, LTE, etc. but it still happens often.

Very fun but.....

Only critique with new update is that the frenzied giants are still able to hit you after a sneak attack even though you create a good bit of distance. I instantly run after the hit but once they go into the animation (which is immediately after the sneak attack) it doesn’t matter how far I am away from them. I still take the damage and it can be very frustrating. Please lower their attack speed. Also, I don’t know what’s going on but this has started happening a lot. I’ll leave an area, come back but while the loading screen is still finishing up, I can hear my player getting attacked. Multiple times I have been killed in wood or limestone areas and lose all my stuff because I couldn’t attack. I’ll change my review once it’s fixed to five stars.

Matt’s article

It is super fun because you can build and interact with objects.

Played for half an hour and I’m hooked

If only energy recovers faster


Finally found the chopper tank (after months of searching for it)

What I think on this game

I like the game and all I’m sick of dying because my loot never respawns and it took me so long to get all of it and also I have a random idea on what to add in the game a pipe wrench it could do medium damage to zombies and could repair anything and upgrade anything and when you find it it has unlimited durability thanks for your support and time

Please help... name:imxdj22

I’m literally stuck because you guys won’t give me a chopper tank now matter what I do...I love the game but this is so frustrating

Greed is probably the roots to all issues.

I don't seem to understand why half the reviews say that the bad reviews are all people who don't have patience or don't like a challenge. It's pretty easy to see why people hate this game and it's developers. Short Version: You ain't getting to anywhere without paying money. If you have money, it's an OK game. If you don't have money, there isn't any point to try and play this. Long Version: Well, patience is a huge problem, not everyone has a lot of free time and everything takes until the next day. Also, you can't build walls without buying(real world money) supplies because the horde just breaks it down. This means you can't do raiding or you'll just lose everything you have. Another one of the biggest problems is motorcycle parts. They're more like a myth than something you can find in the game. I've found all of the ATV parts(Not including the supplies nor engine parts) before I even found a single part(Other than the wheel you usually find) for the motorcycle. Also, the only place you can find motorcycle parts apparently is in Bunker Alfa while security protocol is on(Makes the Bunker harder) or you can PAY MONEY FOR LOOT BOXES, but both have issues: -Loot boxes are completely random and most of the time you won't get motorcycle parts because they're extremely rare. - Bunker Alfa refills the enemies after two days and closes all doors, making you lose all your progress. -You can't get to a sixteenth of Bunker Alfa without a gun. You can't get a gun without going to the Red Zones or the LIMITED TIME areas. It's rare to find guns in the Red Zones and you will usually die by the Big One. The LIMITED TIME areas aren't even in the game most of the time. So you're probably not going to get a motorcycle and that means about most of the game is locked off away from you. You get to keep going to the same areas until you get bored. The next biggest problem is that it seems like the Devs don't care about anybody who doesn't spend money. I don't know how many people are at KEFIR, but having bots responding to people isn't helping. KEFIR have what PUBG has: They'll keep adding crap to their game and don't stop for sometime to fix problems or just listen to the newer people.

Great game! But...

I honestly love this game and I would recommend it to a lot of people, but I have few concerns. I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and I’ve noticed that things are getting harder to make and I don’t like that. It would be great if the developers made it a little bit easier to make things and not require so many materials! For instance the chopper and ATV. It is so difficult to get engine parts and gas tanks, I think they require too many materials and try to make it hard as possible for you! The guns, generators, and wall sectors require to many materials, and half the materials are hard to find! It would be so much better if assembling items didn’t require all sorts of hard to find materials. The only way to get good materials is paying for it or going in high threat areas with like to many zombies. Also with blueprints, when I get my blue prints the first thing I do is use them. I noticed that when I use them I have to assemble the blueprint with way too many MATERIALS!!! So please make it easier for us people. But I have to say it’s a pretty addicting game and I like it a lot, just make things easier next time. Thank you.

Great game but a lot of parts are rare or have to be bought

I’ve been playing this game for about 6 months and overall I love it, that being said, some of the things needed to move forward in this game are impossible to find. I understand that it is a free downloadable game and the software developers make money by selling the in-app things that you sometimes need, but this game seems to be rigged for purchases. You play and play and play to build this such as the gunsmith bench, radio tower, generator, motorcycle, etc then after building it you have to find 100 other things that are either incredibly rare to find or have to purchase such as engine parts. I love this game, don’t get me wrong but it gets frustrating when it’s impossible to move forward without purchases.

This is amazing

You should get this game now

Fake all script and code stolen

I scripted a game he stole the scripting and made new models and animation and textures to make his own game out of it and my game was not multiplayer and this one isn’t either it’s all fake


this game is super fun I’ve been playing for hours!!

Great game but devs need to focus on the more important stuff.

By far, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. My only request is that the devs stop trying to add stuff that isn’t needed and add stuff that is vital to players in the game. For example the titanium ore hasn’t been added yet and is meant to be used to craft many things in the game. Their main focus right now is the multiplayer feature yet to upgrade the radio tower to level two you need titanium bars. (If titanium bars are able to acquire then I apologize for being a moron 😅) If you can get titanium bars please let me know how. Thanks!


Constant lag spikes where I can't move my character

Love it!

This game is awesome. I love that it’s challenging. Though, I am a little annoyed with the zombie hordes EVERY 24 hours that come in and destruct my house. Unless I spend hours finding RSS’s to upgrade my base so they don’t destroy it than I’m screwed. Some of us don’t have that time to put into the game on a daily basis. It could change to once a week or every 72 hours. It’s like one step forward, two steps back. Or maybe it’s because the producers almost force you into spending money. I have spent money and I will continue to, but I want to be able to gradually upgrade my base and not feel like I’m screwed anyways. Why even bother if tomorrow I know a horde will crash through my walls? Really?


This game is dope


But takes effort and patience

Lag and freeze

I been having problems with lag and freezing on this app, I will end up playing the game for a minute and two and it will make me go back to my home screen (I have a iPhone 6s+) the game is good and fun to play but the lag kills it.

Awesome game!

All around great game. My only negative remark is that multiplayer isn’t the best. If we could build a base with multiple people in one area the game would be perfect.

Best game developer

I have both of the games you have developed and both are awesome!

Want to love this game, however...

I was REALLY excited to see a game that was actually exactly what I was looking for. I was instantly into the game the minute I downloaded it. I payed it for hours and enjoyed the whole entire process. Unfortunately, it’s based on real time. This means that I would have to play it daily. I discovered this after not paying for a week because I have a busy life and can’t play daily or a lot. SO, this means you lose walls to your house, clothing, etc. Deleted. I have a life that doesn’t allow for daily playing. 3 stars for an awesome, terrific game, but don’t like real time requirements.

Who wants to spend money if your not guaranteed getting what you need

In app purchases are wack, but there’s no need for them anyway.. I love it, fun! but the grind is a grind!! You could spend money a pray you get what you need. It’s just not worth it.. I’ve been playing for a while and still need 10 engine parts to get the chopper if I spend 6$ for the package the chance of me getting 1 engine part is rare..


I love this game and it’s really easy to play, but I have some issues about it. I know that there would be some problems with the zombies, but they are quite aggressive. Also, I think there shouldn’t be pvp or at least have the option to do pvp or not. I also think you should keep your stuff when you die, it’s kind of hard losing your stuff you’ve worked for and it’s very frustrating as well. Especially when you already have like a worry from dying by the zombies. It’s just very very frustrating. Sooo.

Best Survival Game. Ever!

LDOE is incredibly addictive. I stumbled upon it -not even looking for a game, and have been hooked since. The graphics are incredible and I can really tell the creators are constantly hard at work improving the game and making it more interesting with every update. It’s not so easy that everything you need is handed to you however not so difficult you need to purchase anything. I only plan to purchase items to help support the developers to continue making the game more awesome. Easy play and no lag. There’s always something to do, regardless of your level. Unlike other survival games, you can select your sex, which might not be a big deal, but I highly appreciate the effort to include a female avatar. I look forward to all future updates and to continue exploring the land there is now! In case it isn’t obvious, I highly recommend the game and in fact, my husband plays because of me.

Amazing Game And would Be Better if

I just love this game I’ve been playing it for a year and the only request I have is an offline mode it would really increase a lot of people’s play time and will allow it to be played anywhere

I got a idea!

You can make a place where player can trade.

Move on.

I’ve played this game for about a week now. Save your time. When you’re killed you lose everything. You have to pay or watch ads to speed things up. Super repetitive. Overall super boring. Deleted and moving on.


Do not purchase coins, I made a purchase and the app took my money but did not give me any coins. What a scam

The game won’t load

It won’t load it loads to about 90% and freezes 😐


The game is really good but I wish it was multiplayer with people u can add and make a base together

Potential, but is undeniably Pay to Win

This game starts out great which draws you in to keep playing and progressing. After you grind a while and start getting a nice base going you start to realize how much this game is pay to win. All the items in the shop are a joke $100 for a 3x3 metal room that is indestructible that will be obsolete in a few months and another $100 better material room will be released. Drop rates are horrendous, and any vehicles that are mentioned in the game are actually not playable since you have to craft them and the only way to get a certain part is to pay for it in the loot boxes that already has low low chance of you receiving it. This game honestly has GREAT potential. And you will have fun since the core gameplay is engaging. But this pay to win model that is going in will kill the game and the already dying player base.

Love this game!

Love this game! It’s awesome but it would be awesome if there were more plane crashes where we can go through a ton of crates like the trucks. But over all I love this game!

Garbage waste of time

I hoped i can give a zero rating. The game has glitches where you like never get reward from special locations. The support team is stupud and cant even help you with your problem and waste time with 12 hrs after each message. If you find a hacker in the game, the hacker doesnt get banned but you do. G A R B A G E

Awesome game

All around a good game but it seems impossible to get into bunker Alfa and finish the chopper. I’ve only found one wheel, no fuel tank, and no handle bar. Edit: also hard to find coupons

Not very good

It was fun for the first 30 seconds but then it just got boring. I starved to death, ran out of supplied and wen I left the spawn area I was instantly was killed by a person with no clothes. It is not the best game so I’m sticking to Minecraft.

Very Intriguing

I Just Wish That When The Character Dies & If However We Died We Can Go Back To Our Grave , After The Game Reset Our Character Back To Square One . In Green & Red & Yellows . The Only Time The Game Let Use Rediscover Our Bodies Are In The Bunkers . How Are We Suppose To Get Pass The Turret In The Bunkers ?? I Lost A lot Of Valuable Items & I Tried & Died Numerous Times , Trying To Get The Item From My Grave . Tbh The Bunkers Aren’t Very Rewarding At All. There’s Only Bandages & Water & Few Minor Objects . Not On The First Level I May Add .

3 stars here’s why

So I have been playing this game for about a year. I love the game but lets be honest it cost to get ahead. I love the survival aspect but I don’t like how long it takes to get to the next level. Example- I am a level 83. I have yet to find the last parts of my chopper, I cannot get the parts to finish my radio..etc. I am using these examples because going into bunker alpha is extremely hard if you do not have guns. Guns are not easy to come by unless you are going to purchase them.I have spent 200 plus dollars on this game and I feel like I am going in a circle due to the lack in advancement.I feel that most people want to feel like they are getting their monies worth. I do not. I like a good challenge but It’s starting to become repetitive without results. Also the free give aways never result in anything good outside of a coin. You never actually get a weapon that is worth the free spins every hour. You will spend a lot of time needing items you cannot build because you have to be able to access certain areas. You wont be able to get the resources you need to open those certain areas because its all left up to chance in the bunker alpha. You could also luck up and become the player that gets everything by level 50. I just feel like the fairness of the game is tarnished. If you play this prepared to spend. In technicality it is free to play. In the same instance its not free to play. Will I still play the game? Yes because I like it. Would I leave the game? Yes because if there is something with the same concept but different gameplay. I would give that game a try in hopes of feeling more inclusive.


Okayyy but too repetitive hope they add more stuff in the future

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