Last Day on Earth: Survival App Anmeldelser

I have a game pitch like a hole game

Ok this might seem crazy because the other release of GSS ok here it goes make a game that it was during the civil war and it got zombified and in stead of dogs as things able to be found make it a stranded child or a stranded soldier and it can follow or guard your base and you can outfit then whit guns when they are older now for armor have villager clothing for the first armor as the second one the the minute man uniform and the third a normal soldier uniform and the next a generals personal uniform then a generals uniform then for 25 weapons a club as the first as the second a battle axe as the third a sword fourth as a sharpened sword fifth a cavalry sword sixth as seven a spear maybe and as eighth a wooden pistol nine could be a wooden rifle tenth a stone pistol and eleventh a stone rifle twelve a modified spike covered club thirteen a copper and stone pistol fourteenth a copper and stone riffle fifteen cloud be a copper pistol sixteenth a copper sword then for seventeenth a copper rifle and for eighteenth a minute man rifle nineteenth a normal soldier rifle twenty a generals personal rifle twenty one a generals pistol twenty two a minute man sword twenty three a normal soldier sword twenty four a generals personal sword twenty five a generals sword that’s all I’ll do. Pls do this , this is all I’ve ever wanted this game is five stars I just want you to listen

Great zombie game

Best zombie game/rpg ever I played thank you for making this game I’m looking forward to the next update


It’s toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo harder Make it easy

Horrible flaws in this game

I have been playing this game daily. Was even going to purchase some upgrades but every time I set my character up to go loot a high level area before the loading screen even opens I’m killed by something. I don’t even have time to see what’s happening. I just die. Officially deleted this game.

Some issues

It’s a good game but a lot of the time When i travel and come back it resets and I’m still in the same place even after I get the notification please fix

Game keeps freezing

I just started playing this game and I’ve enjoyed it since day one however after playing for a while the game keeps freezing up and I keep having to start over which is a bummer because I keep losing my stuff.

Don’t waste your time

One of the worst mobile games I’ve ever played. They put veteran players next to brand new ones so you just get killed repeatedly.... you can’t even advance because you have guys with guns shooting at you while your waving a makeshift axe. How is that fair? Not to mention the zombies seem to have a reach of about seven feet because as soon as you try to run they kill you.The only way I can see anyone getting competitive in this game is if you spend money. I’ve been at it 2 days and no progress has been made....

Best game

I love the game

Great! Great! Great!

I love this game! I absolutely love how the ads aren't all in your face. And gameplay is epic

Ow my arm

I’d love this game and so would countless others if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get to a point that you don’t have to worry about everything you own being stolen and then having to raid a full stone base with a hand full of charges

Fun but hard to progress

I really like the concept of the game but it’s super hard to progress in the game without spending money. I will never get the parts needed for the motorcycle or generator by just waiting. It should be more friendly to the pocket. I also hate that you lose everything if you get killed and then go back and get killed again. Sometimes your just stuck in a place where it’s impossible to not get killed. It would be nice not to lose a backpack full of tickets or the gun you just unlocked. It’s aggravating! You should also be able to get the stuff when you die in a woods or rock area.

Lost account

I played this game a couple of months ago and then i stop playing so I deleted it off my phone for storage. Today I reinstalled the app and all of my progress was gone, is there anyway i can get it back

Needs more ways to get parts

The game it good but there not a lot to do needs more stuff to do and more way to get free stuff !!!

Cool Game to play

Cool game to play will recommend

I am finally entertained

Well when you think phone game you think low graphics and FPS but this delivers both at a good rate especially on a phone the game is fun and addictive to play the only thing is the micro-transactions there not my favorite but still 5 stars

don’t waste your money!!!

Yeah, I’m not spending any more money in this game. Both times I exited the forest to purchase stuff to help in the game and as soon as I enter I die before the screen even loads up. Lags really bad. Also I purchased a weapons box the only thing it gave my was a bandage there is something really screwy with the app. Fix this problem and give me back my money


This game is awesome, but it get boring tooo early if you dont put money.... Hard to unlock new locations or get guns, you just have to do same and same for weeks or pay lots of money

Great game but...

I’m on level 99 now and I still don’t have all the chopper parts, now that they have added plastic I can’t ever get that they should have not added plastic it’s way to hard to find. Another thing it’s way to hard to make guns and other weapons. I want to keep playing this game because I do like it but they need to make it a little easier to build and craft things.

Good but not

Imagine walking in game and all of the sudden you can’t move and in order to move you have to close the game COMPLETELY in order to fix that glitch that happens not rarely but often. Other than that good game.

Seems like LDOE once had Potential

I get it guys, i understand that when developing a game problems and issues arise. However, it seems like their either rushing the updates into game without proper and adiquite testing (on their part) being oblivious and with complete disregard for the player or their milking a game that they are not intending on finishing. The fact is, this game has made ton of cash (in beta) and What have we really gotten over the course of a year? Not enough to make LDoE continue to stand out above and beyond the rest. I mean we are even talking about small things they are able to add overnight (like throwing the zombie bear skin over the already present mechanics of the ingame wildlife) adding new skins to the exsisting zombies, just to give the game depth and differance. There is plenty they can do, but they choose not to. Half of the battle of development is the perception of the player. Instead we have seen shady game mechanics added against those that choose to stay with LDoE over switching to other games similar in nature (and they are numerous). Im starting to question the integrity of these guys, and from a players standpoint, thats not good. I enjoyed the game because it had muchpotential, but theres very little as far ascontent in 12 months. At least not content impactful enough to hold interest andexcitment. 12 months time, there should be numerous bunkers opperational, added biomes all over the map, permenent events (instead of temp garbage). I mean come on, yourtelling me that giving us ingame chat is too much to impliment? Its just nonsensical. A big part of what would keep this game worth its weight is the ingame community that should have been offered right away (at least chat) a means to communicate ingame (and sector 7 does not count IMO). I get that their saying their working on multi player and the like, but in my opinion giving us what they have thus far is very very poor. Again, don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the game just as the rest of you do, but this is an honest observation of the game and those that are developing it. I don’t think LDOE will make it out of Beta at this point just examining the rate at which they prioritize to keep players interested and active.

Good game but...

This is a great game! But the free chest I absolutely hate because there are weapons and there is a coin. Every time I get the coin. And it’s only one coin. And other times there are weapons and a med kit or 5 rocks and I get 1 med kit instead of the actually good weapons. So the free chest is kind of retarded so game developers please fix this.

Great gameplay, but...

This game is very fun, but it is not complete, you can’t even craft a bunch of the things that are in the game, and the traveling mechanic is annoying, but just playing the game right off the start, it’s fun.

Great game but big buy pushing.

Such a fun game but hard to collect other than the beginning common items. Then even with good gear the bunkers are so easy to get killed and takes 10+ visits to collect the items. (After losing some due to dying twice before able to get your gear back) Been in for a couple months and can still only make half of what I unlocked in leveling. Need more uncommon items to drop and it not so hard to collect the small about you can in bunkers. It’s taken months to still not get any vehicle or even make the alliance tower to join an alliance. To many rare items that you may see one every 2 weeks.

Best Game Ever

This is the best game ever so fun, and there is stuff to do I’m new and it’s so fun! I’m not a bot, I’m a human and this is the best game

Don’t waste your time

I’ve been playing this game long enough to reach level 99. There are no higher levels... I still have not gotten enough motor parts to make a generator or motorcycle even after numerous trips to the bunkers. Of course B bunker is only good for one visit so that leaves A which rewards you with nails when you are deep into the bunker... really! That total BS. Game is designed so you have to spend money to progress. Do waste your time or money!

Clearly not online

This game is not online if you play it you see are one of the three designs you added and the encounters are the same too.

Best game ever

With out of doubt this is the best game ever to be created, i can’t get enough of it, and with every update this game keeps getting better and better, I recommend it to every one with a love for gaming , But the one thing that is messing is when I switch phones i have to start from scratch Besides that perfection


It’s the best game I’ve ever played thank you sooo much for making this game👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Good game

I’ve been playing this game for almost a year and I still can’t get a gas tank. I have never run across a tungsten bar or titanium bar. I’m getting a little bored with it since I have not had much progress lately. Easier access to these rare items without spending money would be nice. Including these items in the bunker raids would be nice as well. Bunker items are the same over and over and progress slows down. This could be a great game but for now it’s just good.


The game is pretty good but they rip you off for your money and time

Cool game but a bug

When I went to raid a bunker a player named Lucky-missie showed up then I shot her then it said she was dead at no health so she got away

Really fun!!!

I play this game all the time! It’s so fun and addictive. The only thing is that you need WiFi. But other than that 4 stars 👍🏻

A Game worth the time !

Runs smooth! Great survival game ! Wonderful Graphics for mobile! Details are awesome. I can’t say enough good things about it. Yes it is hard to find rare items but that’s what makes it more fun to play! Cons, I don’t enjoy the “parts have not been released yet” feature. But I see why they did this so you have to purchase the packs. But still without those things the games just a bit harder and I haven’t even passed the 1st area I’m at lev. 86. Amazing keep it up and please release another game like this one !

Love love love this game!

Yes this game takes patience and strategy but it’s sooo worth it! It’s not a pay to play game, but yet still gives you the option to purchases things if you want to move along a little faster. My husband and I play this game all the time! We are a tiny bit obsessed. The fact that you got to work for the things you want and build your way up, is what keeps the game interesting and exciting.

Huge flaw

Edited: Another Flaw would be accounts. It relies too much on Game Center especially after Apple removed it so its better to just have your own website or server people where people can log in and log out. And their save data would be on that. in case they want to transfer devices, or reinstall app, etc. Also if possible it might make the game more exciting if the zombies didn't always attack you but places around you and it was randomized. And another great feature to go with that is if you can see where the path is going and go to the same location and hunt those zombies down or while they march towards you, you can meat them half way and fight them off. I don't know if that would help. but it would be interesting to try. The game is great and has lots of great features from custonization on character too the survival, Building crafting and combat. But a huge flaw I feel this game has that needs to be fixed is how impossible it is to get any resources from anywhere while having three things standing in your way. 1 Being the rarity in resources like cloth which is what we need to protect ourselves and i understand it but when it comes to luck to find something thats gonna help you survive. Thats a problem there needs to be a more reliable way to get cloth. Desperate for resources yet no luck. 2. The difficulty in the dogs and zombies are ridiculous! As if it wasn't hard enough running around naked and getting attacked by basic zombies i'm only lvl 9 and i get crushed by elemental, Running and a bunch of other zombies i didn't even know existed! My entire gameplay is basically me going to an area on the map for resources. Have 80% of my health taken away by one guy and than get completely swarmed by more if i'm lucky ill escape which most of the time i do. and then run right back home empty handed the next second. Getting no progress done! Cant even leave my base! Which is ironic seeing is i need to leave my base to gather the resources to protect it from the incoming zombie army from a red symboled area on the map 3. Stamina! The worst of them all is stamina i never have enough stamina, Im always required to watch ads or paying to get the gold to refresh stamina, OR wait an entire day to play another 2 seconds of the game. So honestly the game itself is a great game but with these three flaws. Its basically become a waiting game at this point. So please fix this or at least help explain to me how i can avoid getting swarmed and killed within 1-2 hits. I don't know if your still updating the game or reading comments but if so hopefully you read this and fix some of them at least. P.S. please an ad for free coins. Or some kind of way i can earn coins like quests/Challenges.


Been playing this game for almost a year. Didn’t run into any issues until recent update. I loose control of my avatar and I won’t be able to move him but it gives other players to kill me. The app won’t update ( I checked to make sure my purchases are covered) app still won’t download. I have had to restart the game when I was on level 71 because the game just decided to stop loading all the way. And was like that for 24 hours.

Last day on earth review

I enjoy this game very much. There is constantly things being added. The only issue I have is working hard to craft somethings only to be told you can’t use it now.

Outstanding game

Super fun, challenging and engaging game! I love it! My only reason for giving four stars instead of five is that it is INCREDIBLY hard to find the final parts to make vehicles. (I.e, the gas tank piece for the chopper) I have had the chopper in construction for well over a month now, and have yet to find the final pieces to it, even with purchasing some crates in an attempt to get those pieces. It would be better if it were a little easier to find these pieces, as you can’t leave the first sector of the game without transportation. Other than that, the game is awesome and addictive! I recommend everyone play it, because it is a fun game!


Takes time but its possible to get everything on your own without paying

Raiding problems still

OK, Kefir I posted another comment on my main account.But the same thing happened on this account.I CANT GET RAIDED I WANT A REVENGE RAID.I don't buy coins so it takes me about a month to complete the raiders quest.I have done three raids and I have NEVER BEEN RAIDED.Even WITH THE NEW cmon! Can you fix this or make the raider task easier.And can you add a bar or something to show what Stuff you need to do for the raiders task.

Top survival game

I love this game but it’s hard to maintain all your resources. I’m on level 72 and still can’t find the last two rare parts for a motorcycle so I can’t really move around. Being killed by other players while trying to defend yourself from a zombie. There has to be a way to get around these things.

Some ideas

I really love this game. I play it everyday since the first time I bought it. But I’d like some updates. Like having the hunger and thirst problem slower so we don’t have to waste food faster. And not having our clothes torn off by enemies please. I don’t mind the torn weapons part but please consider not letting our clothes get wiped off. Also, how about having more creativity when it comes to customizing our character, for say.....more facial hair, more hair styles and changing our faces. That’s it. Bye!!!

Best game ever

Best game ever

Raiding problems...

Don't get me wrong, LDOE is a great game. However I have experienced some things with my last day on earth raiding.I HAVE NEVER been raided yet.Even with the new update.I have raided three times and I have never been raided.I want to be raided so I can get revenge raid and I don't buy coins so it takes me months to complete the quest and to raid.So I'm always excited to get a revenge raid but It never yet soooooo yeah.Please fix this problem with my LDOE and yeah. byyeee Update: kefir, my character keeps on freezing after I open something plllzzz fix.Im getting annoyed on resetting the app.

Amazing and entertaining game!

Very good game. It amazes me of how people can make good quality games on iOS. Awesome game. 5 Stars.

Great game

Really good love the concept!❤️

Amazing game! Addictive and fun.

The only thing that isn't great about this game is that every player is hostile or they assume you are and run away, limiting progress in the game. I wish there were automatic chats to select to allow another player to know that you aren't hostile. Otherwise the game is addictive and fun.

Good Game, Broken App Purchases

I love this game, its so beautiful and addictive, but the reason I’m giving it a 3 star is because I bought a suppression crate and as soon as I bought it, it went away. I would like this fixed personally or I will become even more upset


My game no matter what I do won’t load it automatically crashes


I love this game but recently it has started to freeze and stay that way until I close the app and restart it. It’s been glitching more often then usual. In the last hour I’ve had to close the app now 6x. That’s not good.

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