Last Day on Earth: Survival App Anmeldelser

You must play

This game is fun but I wish you could not have to use energy I have every thing in this game I have unlocked the hole map you should play it is realy fun

Very fun progressive game.

I had this game a while back - about a year ago - and I deleted it after like a week because I didn't like some of the gameplay and aspects of it. After it's been revised and changed a bit, it has greatly improved and is one of my top games.

A paying app

In the game you have to pay money to get good items and I respect that but the survival pack is to op thank you for making it and can you make a creative gamemode????

Last day on earth

Best game ever

Great game

This game is so much fun

Love this game

Honestly a good game rate 10 out of 10

Great game but a few requests

Ok, it’s a amazing game, but can you add something like a mad dogs arena in the other one? Also, we NEED a reset button or multiple save slots. Also, make guns easier to get. Other than that, the games great. Reply pls.

Put back the old raider system

What I mean is where you can just talk to the raiders and they will give you one another’s base for the cost to share some of the loot that you raided instead of doing the challenges.

It’s fun, but

Ok so this is a fun game and all and I love it, but I had bought a crate and it took my money and didn’t even give me the crate, explain and I want my money back

Fun game but suggestions

I really like last day on earth but I don’t like the fact that there are limited players in games and I have been trying to get him to join me but besides that 5 star rating

Amazing game 10/10

I love this game just the sorta realistic way of it but I feel there could be like a ad thing that’ll never go away just so you can recharge you energy, other than that Best zombie game ever

Terrible Game

All this is is just another energy game that the developers try to pull money out of people to play. There are just so many absolute crap mechanics. Don’t waste your time like I did on this trash.


It’s a good game really good the graphics guns Awsome just the destroyed convoy is hard one you get the mini gun then a zombie horde comes and you don’t have a lot of bullets which there’s no point getting it if you die so that is kinda stupid but it’s a good game any new players right now are good it’s a easy and hard game

In app purchases are a scam

While playing, a pop up showed on the screen about a deal for a military backpack, 50 coins, and a machete. It was 1.99. I decided to purchase this “deal.” In the meantime, while the transaction was occurring, the game was still active. It didn’t pause. I was killed by a wolf, not having the ability to fight because of the transaction screen.

Great game

It’s a great game but I personally think there should be more detail added.If you are still a noob like me.

Spawns death

This game is trash. It trys to cheat so you will spend real dollars.

Good game but slow updates

Pleaaaaaase update the game and let us finalize atv and other stuffs What are you doiiiing???its one year this game revealed but still no atv????

If you want to go broke play this game

This is a great game but you get anywhere playing it, You’ll never ever find the chopper parts needed to go forward in this game. Seem like the makers just want you to spend spend spend. It’s ridiculous on their part. I still dig the game play but that’s about it.

It got fixed

After the games update I could go anywhere on the map with my energy. Thank you for adding the motel

Hey that’s pretty good

I liked the beta it was pretty fun. But with the add ones like the farm, the motel, and the police station, that’s pretty fun. But the only thing I don’t like is the fact how the chopper and the atv parts are rare and so hard to find. But overall, it’s a fun game.

I really like it!

Challenging and Fun!

A great game, but...

I am rewriting a previous review because my previous review didn’t seem constructive. This is a fun game and very rewarding if you have the patience. I have been level 99 for months now and I still play daily for about 6-8 on and off hours. I am disappointed in many things, but obviously it hasn’t been enough to stop playing. Here are a few things that would make the game even better: - Better daily log in rewards. (It wouldn’t hurt to give a daily incentive to log in every day with rewards increasing in value for consecutive logins. For example, day 1 could be a steak, day 2 could be wood, day three could be screws, and so on until you reach bigger rewards like weapons.) - Give a longer period of time before zombies can attack you on the map. The load time may be different for some of us, and as the game loads into a map, and you hear zombies attacking you but you are still on the load screen, it doesn’t give anyone a fair chance at fighting back. I load into resource maps quite frequently just to have my game load into a message that tells me I was killed by “The Big One,” and I just lost all kinds of firearms and military gear without any chance to fight back or run. This is a huge problem for people that have paid real money for these items. It needs to be fixed. Overall, this is a great game. It would have been awesome to see some holiday themes like a zombie infested cornyard with a scarecrow zombie boss for Halloween, or maybe even a zombie Santa guarding a bag of presents with goodies instead of a motel... or maybe it’s not too late to add a scary zombie with a knife... ;) Please forgive my rant. I am a first gen gamer that happens to be the mother of 4 other adult gamers and a video game developer and enthusiast myself. I enjoy this game so much that it deserves a critical review, not some “this game is bs” comment. Thank you for reading.

Good Game ,

I spent real money on this game , I even bought the diary for the extra tasks and the prizes for accomplishing them and for some reason this morning they took my diary from me. Kinda disappointed. Favorite part about the game. I feel like I wasted money

Just my opinion

Yes at first it was hard for me but like many other people are saying strategies is the key and be patient great rewards come to those who are patient so with that said absolutely love the game and keep up the great work yes i too have put some money into it and yes it was worth it stop running into areas 2 or 3 with a stick well then you should be killed for being stupid and not smart enough for the game

Last day on earth

You know I love this game it’s worth playing by my standards I love If if you I’m to zombie killing and the walking dead it’s a must play I enjoy it I’m max level 99 so that should tell you that I love it and hope u will to

Great game 2018

The game was flawless for its creativity and amusement to bring zombie games back from the dead.

Awesome game and I have a question

I just started so I have a question. When you first start and go to map there’s like the pine and all those places like infected forest so are all those bases shown on the map real peoples bases made by them or what are they? If I can get a response from a developer that would be great and also is there a way I can make it so I can’t get raided? Sincerely, Some random kid


This game is the best one I have ever played you should make it so there is more stuff to craft and a gun store were you always get a gun. But that’s just some things I think would be cool to add but the game is perfect I really like the knew hotel. Thanks for creating the game

Amazing but..

This game is probably the best game I’ve ever had on my phone 😂 except one problem, the app has been crashing every once in a while while ever since the past few updates :( please fix


Have lots of high hopes for this game however I pick up my phone to play a lot of the times and ask myself do I really want to get involved in this right now and get almost halfway through something and it crash on me again. SICK OF THE GAME CRASHING AND LOADING TAKING FOREVER!

Great game, but way too hard.

This game really needs an offline mode. People always make this game hard, but an amazing game not including online stuff.


I bought the task list guide full version thing for $5.00 and you stole my money. It never went through and now I don’t have the extra money to try again or anything. This games lag is terrible anyways I wish I never enjoyed this game because it is bs


Game is fun but im constantly running into bugs and errors. Ive downloaded the game 3x because when i try to log in to the game it says unable to connect to server and it never fixes itself. Ive looked online and found no solutions that work.

Great game

I’d like to see more

Best game ever!!

It will be hard! And you may want to give up! But if you push through it’s worth it! Love the game keep it up developers!!

Love the game!

I’m giving 3 stars because I have been playing for some time now and have reached lvl 100, they continue to add new locations but not items Everton is already waiting for example Tungsten and many more items. Work on what you already have and not just keep adding places. I’ll reevaluate once I see more done.

Please god why!?

I loved the game but I don’t like it when it makes me lose all of my weapons and armor.Can you please make this not happen again please?

Messed up

I told myself I was not gonna pay money for this game but did it anyway I spent 65 dollars on the game then I go into the bunker then up pops a update for the game so I fo the update then go back into the bunker make it to level 4 then I die I get sent back home get ready to go back to the bunker my game froze up so I close the app and now the app won’t load I’m so now I’m out money that’s messed up the game was running so good till I paid money I gave the app 3 stars now I have to give y’all 1 star fix it or give me my money back I just made 2 purchases and didn’t get my stuff


I LOVE THE GAME OK ITS SOOO FUN But it is NOT working! It keeps crashing when I start it up and I have done all updates already. Please fix this!!!

To save game, turn on Game Center. But...

The game becomes garbage. Since turning on GC and connecting via settings cog, I have had very few drops and special events. VERY few. Compared to playing without being able to save the game, it’s just all around is pointless. Devs: you are being super scummy when you’re allowing player purchases without making it clear that it all goes away unless Game Center is on. Your practices are just gross all around, especially when you’re paying $2 for a pack of having a *chance* of getting one of the items featured, but too often wind up with the one sucky item. It’s sad because I really like the game itself. It’s been over a year for many reviews and no changes to known problems from devs. I just lost a bunch of money because of the same complaints as others before. *Latest update*: I contacted someone through the game about the issue of my game loss and I got the standard reply; the response was (among a couple of other things) to send screen shots of everything. First, I need a time machine though... Also, as has been mentioned, bunkers feel a bit pointless. It could by my low level though. The crashing is horrendous, I’m trying to give the game a fair shake (after the losses) without spending. You can, but you won’t be able to just sit and play otherwise. *update* I had to uninstall/reinstall the game because of a crash on the 3rd floor of a bunker (apparently a known bug, if devs read reviews). As I’m attempting to use the elevator to access the floor, the game crashes (crashes happen a LOT, apparently also an old bug) but now I’m unable to get into my specific game at all. So after I was forced to reinstall, I figured if they had enough of my information to TAKE MY MONEY that they’d actually be able to retrieve the account, I realized there’s no actual cloud memory to save progress. I’d done a lot to my home and achieved a ton of levels in the past couple of days, not to mention I had 2 puppies. :( *first review* The crashing happens during transitional moments usually, looking into a menu, switching locations or especially elevators. It’s to a point where now I cannot even sign back into the game. :( I loved it so much I bought it, and a couple of packs too. I’m using an iPad mini 3 - 5 stars otherwise!!


Hey, I appreciate it. This game is really cool and I like the way the world is payed out. Really awesome work. Still having some weird anomalies when I close out of the game or quit it completely. Will keep testing! Thanks!


I’ve been really enjoying this game for a while now. And I was wondering why not port it into a console, like the Nintendo Switch. This game is really cool and has so much potential.. I would love to get it on my Switch as well and do everything all over again.

THE BEST game I have EVER played on my phone

This has got to be one of the #1 games I’ve ever played on my phone. Graphics are sick! This survival strategy is even better than some of the ones I play on my Xbox! I love the creativity that went into this game and all the options and the FREEDOM of this game, few restrictions if there even are any. Very happy with this game. Would 10/10 recommend if you’re into games like this and if you have a hard time getting into games like this, this game will for sure change your mind...phenomenal to say the least

Here is an idea for you 😁

I was thinking about the daily water and beans and I had a cool idea for you guys what if for a northern location have a beans or a meat factory.with a boss obviously, maybe a butcher kind of zombie 🧟‍♂️ and the main loot would be food and vehicle parts there could be a requirement because this way it can be for higher level players.also there could be a three level system.either way this idea is a present for making an amazing game thanks. 🙏enjoy your idea present

Great but...

Great game, the only, only problem is the free box. The box has no chance to drop anything except the crappiest thing in there, which normally is a coin, a single coin that gets you nothing.

don’t purchase

I purchased something and it did not give it for some reason plz fix this

To difficult if you don’t pay to play

Easy to level up but to difficult to gain needed resources with out paying into the game.

Great game

Best survival game for sure

They don’t care about you only your money

In game purchases made have disappeared only to not be refunded or replaced by the support. Do not pay for anything in this game I promise you will regret it. All boxes including weapon boxes will always and I mean always give you the worst thing included in it and even when you do get a gun it doesn’t last long enough to finish st one location without breaking after 10 roaming zombie kills or so... and those are the weakest things in the game

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