Last Day on Earth: Survival App Reviews

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Very addictive...and EXTREMELY frustrating

This game is generally a good game. Note, only ONE of the pictures above is from content actually available in the game(and that is NOT the "blueprints" displayed, nor the weapons from those blueprints, nor the base as it was built/displayed in the picture-NONE of that content is currently in the game). While the developers admit to having content ready that is not yet released in the game, they are slow to actually put said content into the game. It will likely take you months to build your first vehicle, the Chopper(which I hav FINALLY managed to do). This game WILL be impossibly difficult to make any progress. Do NOT spend ANY money in this game yet, as doing so will NOT help you to find parts that you need. The developers also will NEVER make ANY attempt to make this up to you, whether you contact them or not. Now that I finally have been able to finish my first vehicle, I have been able to make the first real progress(after, that is, building my homebase, not like what is pictured, which I did very soon after starting to play) after months of playing. Now, where there are now multiple locations available(we'll call these location A, Location B, etc), I find myself excessively grinding at Location A, just to be able to find the resources, materials, and weapons to excessively grind at Location B, which is just to find the resources, materials, and weapons to visit Location C, where I will finally be able to(possibly) find the resources and materials that I need to be able to make more progress. Then, it will be rinse and repeat(starting again from Location A). So you WILL, guaranteed, find excessive grinding, upon excessive grinding, after excessive grinding. Good luck making progress in this game. Sadly, I have already become addicted.

From 5 to 2

When first began playing this game I gave it 5 stars. Stunning graphics, a lot to do, huge variation of items to craft (however some of them are completely useless). But after a month of playing it, I realized that it’s impossible to get somewhere in this game EVEN if you pay money, real money. Some resources are nowhere to be found, bike can’t be completed because there’s no gas tank. Has anyone found the gas tank? Oak planks are like searching for a multicellular evidence of life on Mars, like you know it should be there, but it’s yet to be found. Anyways, everyday is the same thing. I literally got tired of this game. Only available bunker is Alpha, I don’t even know what’s the point of the other ones if you can’t get to them without transport and transport can’t be completed because some parts are just not in the game yet, same goes for some events that you can only get to by bike, why are they even in the game if you still can’t get to them??

Detailed and well made

Honestly I wish there was a option to give it 4 and a half stars because it’s a lot of fun but it’s not perfect. The developers for the game roll out a lot of updates and obviously want to make the game challenging and fun. I appreciate there hard work I’ve been playing it for months now on and off. I come back to it because there’s nothing else quite like it in the App Store it’s so much fun. I do hope that there could be a update that would make oak trees easier to get to. In game I’m lvl 46 and it’d be great to build stone walls or higher tech gear that requires oak.

Got to spend money...lots

Way too difficult to win without spending lots of money. Suggestion: make it easier to survive without spending so much money.

Amazing game!! But...

This game is one of my personal favs, it’s just amazing. I was just wondering if there could possible be a character customizing option??? Or at least a female character that I could play as, but other than that this game is amazing!!

Really Great! :

Before I start rambling, this my altimer favorite mobile game yet. The graphics are really good for a mobile game. The gameplay is forever fun, there’s so much to do like every 2-3 hours there will be a event such as an airplane crash. The creators ( WHO EVER THEY ARE!) are very good at constantly updating the game. The game is hard at times as well as easy, always fun to play. There is online players, but I think when you raid their base it doesn’t have an effect to them (or to you if they’re raiding you) in general you won’t notice if you’ve been raided since none of your stuff is gone. IN ALL THE BEST GAME!!

Do not spend money on items in this game!!!!

I have been playing for a while now on and off and really enjoy playing this game. I’m currently level 69 and on multiple occasions have bought items, and other than the first time I have been dissatisfied. I just spend $2.99 twice trying to get get a gun, trying I say. The first attempt I got 5 bandages, which I can make with a little time, no gun. The second attempt for $2.99 I received a weak melee weapon, still no gun. Mind you I just got done opening 3 crates in the bunker and received 6 guns, a bunch of gear, and bandages. But on gun might last against two hard ai monsters. The problem is there are 20+ hard monsters, 50 medium, and 100 easy. I spend two hours and all of the gear I have been building up and didn’t get half way through the objectives, and spend $7 trying. Very disappointing wasting money, I won’t make that mistake again.

Just one problem

This isn’t a big problem because I have lots of food reserves, but I find once in a while when I place something to cook in the fire thing, camp fire was its name I think, i come back and check it and it’s gone! As if I put nothing in there. My wood is also used that I put in there but my food won’t be there! The few times it happens is the few times I get really angry with this game. So I would please like this to get fixed or someone come back and tell me what I’m doing wrong. Oh yeah I just remembered most times it just happens with carrots and sometimes berries.

Why can’t I update the game

Seriously why can’t I update the game and why are walls so hard to upgrade plus please make crafting planks and forging steel a little quicker.

Engine parts etc

I have been playing this game for a couple months. I think I'm around lvl 60. I cannot complete a chopper, or generator which means I'm stuck. I can't build anything high level because I can't get the supplies. I've read people are using generators to get coins but that ruins the game. Updates at least change it up. I'll continue to play but I think the game would benefit by better drops. 100 ration/weapon/survival coupons? I think I've found 2

Fix loading screen

Fix loading screen I can’t access to the game😡😐

Dead end

Was fun at first but it's impossible to gather the resources I need to continue just to get the radio tower. Can't get the resources to build them if I can't get to areas to farm them. All I have access to is limestone and pine. Can't clear a bunker because the weapons and armor I have available get me killed almost immediately once I come across a zombie with 500 health. If you die going to get the weapons and armor you had then it's all gone. Same if you get killed farming resources just once. Everything is gone that you had and no chance to get it back. Yes I've spent some money on weapons and armor but it still does me no good. Can't open new area with the tower because I need the chopper to move the generator. Can't get the chopper because I can't clear the bunkers or spend god knows how much to get all the rare and very rare parts it requires. Very disappointed about the time and money I've spent on this game just to hit a dead end😡😡😡😡😡

It’s a good game, but......

I love this game, it’s very fun and runs well with good graphics, but there is a few problems I have with this game. 1. Weapons and armor break too fast 2. Food and water decrease too fast 3. Vehicle parts are too hard to find 4. It takes way too long to smelt aluminum and cook turkey etc. Other than that the game is really good :)

Just one concern

I LOVE this game and I would rate it a five if there was an easy way to team up with your friends. Otherwise, I would give it five stars!

Too hard

Amazing game but weapons needs to be more common, and starters need the game to be more easier so I would really like the cac a card to be in the dead body in front of the base because all of the you tubers had it that way and it’s unfair. I don’t want to be a hater but there are things that really need changing like if you die in a forest or ridge the forest or ridge resets so you can’t get your stuff back.

Love the game

Great game it may not be the most realistic zombie game out there but who cares as long as it’s fun and entertaining:)

Add this to iPhone

I love the game, and I have played for a while. So when I have yet to get the gas tank or the chopper fork. It kinda does aggravate me just a little bit. I have been trying to build the chopper for a while. I remember still looking for those things when the bow wasn’t in the game. I know the drop rates have changed but it really does feel like the RNG of them are still barley there. Tbh I think there should be a way to get a guaranteed tank and/or fork. But obviously make it not the easiest in the world, but relaying on just luck to get it, or buying it, is a little to much. But my thought alone probably won’t have any impact.

Should call the game Plateau

I reached level 50 three times and deleted in frustration before deciding to give it a real try. Reached 75 this time. Every time I suit up in Kevlar and machetes and go into the medium danger area, I get shot to death by a human. Even at level 75 I can’t muster the resources to expand the map or defeat some of the challenges on the visible map. Don’t expect to get very far without in-app purchases. All that said, this is a great game. One thing I like is the realistic concept that things wear out and break. But bot humans should not have guns and I am suspicious how they always show up when I am most heavily armed and armored (which takes a lot of time to do) but am looking at contents of boxes and am most vulnerable. That may be realistic too (think ambush), but it makes me feel that I am wasting my time.

Needs improvements

Nice game and good concept but it is too difficult to get weapons. Once you die and revive its near impossible to continue play without buying a package to get a weapon.

Waste of money

I really do enjoy spending money on something and then haven’t some little 12-year-old kill you and you lose everything. What a waste of five dollars!!!!!

Despite obvious issues everyone has with the game it is really well set up.

*I HAVE noticed after making a bad review the bots are now named "WhySoAngry" "WaitLife" etc.. I have been documenting it, I was hoping it wasn't true, but since it has continued & I did not get items it said I "won" after purchases I do believe it has been made harder for me specifically, these rude names etc.. was not going on before I publicly complained. I pay very close attention to details, not that it's your business, but I am physically permanently handicapped, so I am 95% bedridden. Also, I am encouraged to play games to be able to keep the movement I still have in my hands, but since you are petty & can't take criticism for legit issues I am going to call you out on here! It is a great game, but it will take FOREVER to build up unless you're willing to spend a lot of $, even then you aren't likely to get the items you actually need. I still haven't found items they claim exist, & am seeing higher threats in "lower threat" areas. To see what the dealer wants you have to waste energy going to him, instead of taking items you have excess of & negotiating a fair trade. Also, they need to remove or drastically slow down the "Big One" because he is far too strong & fast, as everyone has said, plus showing up in lower threat areas! Also, unless I have a lot of energy or am about to quit I don't go to drops, then it's usually for the wood & hides. I play A LOT, & still have only been able to get 1 wall of stone built, stopped building 2nd level since it will just get torn down. I have also spent quite a bit of $. I have excessive amount of stone, but getting oak with the "big one" is extremely hard, don't take any items you paid for there. I've seen videos of being able to train/domesticate wolves, but when I did same thing with 2 wolves & 1 hit more dead zombie they just stayed there never attacked the zombie, just me.


Although this game is good if take your eyes off the screen for two seconds you will die so be careful and don’t spend money on the game but other than that this is a well constructed app and I would recommend this to people who don’t get frustrated and love addictive and challenging games

One issue

I’m really antisocial. Even though I otherwise loved the game I had to uninstall it because of the ridiculous disadvantage this gave me. Could you please make a single player mode for people like me?

Don’t be a sucker / money pit

Games a money pit. 1. If you move away from an NPC before they actually hit you ( mid swing ) you’ll still take damage. 2. There’s a zombie horde that attacks every 24 hours. You build barriers and walls to keep them out. Well sometimes they just spawn right in your home and destroy everything inside yet on the outside your barriers are still there. 3. Weapon and armor deterioration rate is a huge problem. 4. Unlocking in game content takes way too long. Parts sometimes will only show up if you spend money. Even then the crate drop rates are like a good item every $40 you spend. 5. Fun addicting shady money grabber. Developers do not respond for weeks and they do not care about customer satisfaction. 6. Look up videos showing examples of what I’m talking about. 7. When in pvp mode if you have zombies after you and another player shows up guess what? The player doesn’t get attacked by the zombies he’s an extra enemy that isn’t effected by zombies. Again a tactic to waste your resources. (Update) drop rates have fallen even shorter. Bunker Alfa red alert drops are horrible. Wasting resources for nothing in return. They also haven’t updated their preview pictures. The actual game doesn’t look like that. There’s more money involved.


I love it but I’m a female and I would love it if you added a female choice for the women who like playing these games


1 账号没办法直接删除角色! 2装备坏的也太快了吧! 3 要是丧尸的袭击房子是随机发生的次数限制的就好了4 耐久度的恢复类这样的药剂为何没办法在箱子里面找到呢?5每日赠送的水和豆罐一点意义都没有直接把衣服脱了去死一下不就满了?6角色根本没办法强化的!7这只是游戏不是用来找虐的!

Amazing BUT

This game is absolutely amazing and only gets better over time. Everyone says it’s hard to play and be rewarded for but that’s because it’s a SURVIVAL game you need to survive and it’s going to be hard lol. The one and only downfall I find in this game is finding, communicating, and playing with other players early on. The game makes you feel so alone and it’s good for the atmosphere of the game but it’s easy to get a little bored being alone all the time. But I love this game and hope you guys keep making it better thank you!!

Really entertaining

I love this game it's the best survival game I have ever played. But I really think there should be an option to go back to main menu and keep your player progress and switch servers. I also HATE when you die and you have to start over. I think when you die you should respawn at the spawn area of the place your in. For example I was in the army base alpha on floor two and I died I wish you could spawn back at the top of the army base usually where you spawn when you first ENTER the base! But I really like this game and it's really addicting. Oh and zombies should drop better things instead of rope and cloth and maybe a zombie with a weapon of some sort. And there should be an insane asylum with a lot of loot. P.S. You should add in a raft to get across rivers to get to watchtowers and other things and multiplayer. I would also like to mention that energy takes so long to refill so maybe you could shorten energy time, the point of the game is to have fun not wait for energy. And add dogs!!!!!!!!

Love this game

I can’t stop playing this game

Fun at first but need to pay to get far

Update: I have given up on this game! I keep trying to unlock the red ticket crates with no luck at getting a gas tank for the motorcycle. I have been playing so long that I have maxed out the amount of crates I can get and they are all full. In order to upgrade my walls I have been trying to get the oak planks which is a pain especially since I don’t have a motorcycle to take my generator to the tower to unlock the rest of the map. Also while trying to get more oak I died in the red zone and have now lost my 3rd military backpack which is a pain to get the steel for. If the potential for the game wasn’t as good as it was I would have deleted a long time ago. This game was fun but I have been playing for awhile now and haven’t been able to get the gas can for the motor cycle. My guess you can only get it if you buy crates and even then it isn’t a guarantee. I get the people make apps to make money but then make your app cost money to begin with not make it free and then charge to keep playing. I hate when apps do that. Just a way to get their downloads up!

Good game, but

Don’t expect to make it very far. Level 80 of 88. Still no more advanced than I was at level 25 or so. No real way to acquire the parts that were arbitrarily made rare for the sake of rare parts. Not the game for you if boredom sets in quickly.

My account got deleted

After one if there updates, my account got deleted and the tech support from keifer games is horrible. Hate to get a hold of and it’s been over a week and they seem to be unable or unwilling to help. I spent a ton of money on the game only to see it go away with my game. Yes I have created a ticket with support and it has been over a week. I’ve had response from tech, but nothing to resolve the issue.

The game is fun BUT. U will LOSE your money!!

I have lost everything twice now when I contact their “support” all they say is sorry... support is a joke !!!!! Don’t spend a dime you will lose everything, I think it’s a SCAM so you have to spend more and more DON’T LOSE YOUR MONEY —- TO DEVELOPER — I have and all I get is sorry we are busy, I have the emails to prove it... I use iPhone 8+ and when I try to follow your advice to connect it says I already have save and if I connect I will lose everything. Maybe u should look into how we save games? Also if they restore my first account or refund all I have spent I will restart again and change my ratings...

Not letting me update and the free chest is garbage

This is an overall good game. I updated to the 1.7.5 played all day yesterday now today it says it needs to update again. So I click the update button on the loading screen but when I get to the App Store it says to open the app. It does not show an update is needed. I am unable to play the game because of this. If I want to play I will have to delete the game and start over. I don’t want to do this because I will lose my progress. This needs to be fixed. Another issue I have is the free chest. Yes I know it’s free but it’s not exactly random. I have consistently gotten the lowest possible item every time. At least fix the algorithm to make it more random. Update: The day after I wrote this review I was able to update the game and continue play as normal. I’m not sure if it’s a game issue or an App Store issue either way it is fixed now.


i had game updated to the latest and game was keep telling me that i needed to update the game everytime i was trying to join


i love that

Amazing game🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆

I think this game is awesome in every way and no dowt saying this should be awarded for 1 game.Please note:I do not like having to give the raiders stuff I would like it if u took the give raiders stuff.Also please update all bunkers I can’t find anything more then what I always get.Another thing I’d like too share is UPDATES!!! I love this game and I really want too play keifers amazing ideas.Thank u for making this good,popular,well organized and designed game!If I were too give one more idea it probably be too let weapons do there damage on major zombies like the big one and blind one.PLEASE RESPOND BACK


I really love this game it’s fun and shows a different aspect of the zombie apocalypse world but there are somethings I think should be added to the game. My first suggestion is the ability to add friends the reason being I want this is because me and my brother have been trying to play together for a while but because we are on different servers it doesn’t work and we can’t play with each other. If this does get added it would go like this, you add a friend, you send a teleport request, they get a pop up on their screen they press the button to accept it you get a pop up that says run or walk run takes 10 energy and walk takes 10 min then after that it doesn’t matter where they go you are there. The second thing I would want in this game is the ability to make your own private servers. It would go you go to your map press the settings button and it says switch to private server you press it it costs $5.00 to make one and once you have it you can invite people to it so you can play together and all your stuff gets teleported there it basically copies everything you did and pasted it there on that server.

Unknown box problem:(

I watch the vid to open the box and get an item but I always get coins this box is rigged but plz fix. Edit: ty for the response back I’ll be sure to use the link


The game is fantastic it is so fun can you make it where you can play offline

Fun game

I have fun playing this game

Floppy Disks and Infected Boxes.

The last six time I got the floppy disks I got an Infected Box. I wouldn’t mind, but I need my Acid Bath isn’t completed, because I can only get the last pieces I need, the Electronic Circuit, from those same boxes. Is this a glitch or just bad luck? Can I get those Floppy Disks back? As reimbursement for my wasted time.

What happened

The last few updates I haven’t been able to get past the loading screen. It gets all the way to the end and then just stops.

Horrible Disrespect to Customers

I bought a starter pack worth $4.99usd and equipped it. I thought it would help to shield me against whatever I find in Bunker Bravo. Threat level was 1 so I figured I could do it. As soon as I opened that bunker door a TON of Fast Biters, Acid Spitters, and a Bloater were ALL agroed and came after me, trapped me in a corner so I couldn’t move or do anything as they slaughtered me. I LOST EVERYTHING I HAD JUST BOUGHT FROM THE RAIDER PACK. I want some form of reimbursement IMMEDIATELY for the $4.99usd that was ripped from my hot dead corpse.


It has the ARK, and Minecraft vibe! Its amazing but they should really add a camera, when you tap it, it changes your view to FPS, and Third Person View.

Great game

I really like this game it gives me a good challenge unlike other games that are simple. And i never get bored of it. One of the best games I've seen in a while

This is pathetic...

How can u even call this a survival game, u can just buy every thing u want and dominate its really stupid.

Don’t waste your time.

The over all majority of the game is ok. My problem is the game is not balanced and objectives are not able to be done in days, if lucky maybe months. For a casual player it will take a year plus. The zombies horde coming daily is a turn off to a player. It will either force you to quit or spend money, which is the only thing the dev. Team of this game cares about now. There are a lot better games to spend your time on then this one.

I’m speechless.

This game is downright amazing! The gameplay mechanics make this game much more enjoyable than other survival games, the graphics are half decent for once, and it’s just overall fun to play. Although, I have one issue. Stop. Listen up. Before you make a review, make sure it is positive. Many give bad reviews because it’s “too hard” or “you can’t get good items”. Well. This is all because games like this, it is absolutely necessary to have patience. It takes many hours of gameplay to get good items. Of course, you could get lucky and get the plane crash event, and get a lot is supplied like components, clothes, and weapons. Sometimes, you can even get a gun. That’s beside my point though. So please. Before you complain about difficulty, or the game being unfair, that’s life. Life is not fair all the time. And it’s not fair when you complain for no valid reason.

I die to quickly because not enough food to stay alive.

I die to quickly because not enough food to stay alive.

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