Last Day on Earth: Survival App Reviews

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Great game, but....

This game is awesome. It runs smooth, always something to do or build or kill😈, but I have a couple issues when it comes to moving forward. First...when you’re finally able to build the chopper you can’t complete it because the gas tank is no where to be found. Second...oak and ash woods...where do I find them? Third...I just hit level 34 and built an electric generator for the tower (to expand my playing field) and the game won’t let me use the generator. This game needs to be updated badly!!!


You take a ton of your time to get a bunch of resources, and when you’re all full, you get sniped and lose everything. Waste of time

Great but fix my XP

Please fix my XP!!! I only get 3 XP per chopped log and 30xp per zombie kill. I compared to a friend’s game and they get 10XP per chopped wood and 50xp per zombie kill. This is total BS. On top of this, they have already received an update for Halloween, there is currently none available to me. Please add the ability to CANCEL TRAVEL

Enough with the auto attacking

There are way too many instances of people on auto attacking me. What’s the point if you aren’t even playing?

It’s addicting! But...

This game is really fun, the only reason why I gave it a one-star is because there is no gender option. I hope they change it because girls play this game too.

Freezes Loading Screen

Give me my account back every time I restore it freezes loading screen... game dont work so I unstall


Really great game but everything breaks way to fast and the crap you pay for doesn’t help you at all it doesn’t give you what you want or need so my inbox is full of junk I’ll never use so don’t waste your money and just have fun


It glitched out and now I can't get into bunker alpha I spent 15 dollars for guns to go raid bunker alpha and to find out I can't go in I am mad.

Not that good.

When you die you lose everything, to get water a needed supply to live, you need a rain catcher, which you cant get for a horrible amount of levels. Wouldnt recommend unless you have alot of time to waste, not free time, time to waste! Was a good game in theory but the creators really screwed it up.

Beware you lose your purchased items

Fun game but big downside in that when you are killed in the game you lose all your possessions - including items you purchased. Seems that if I spend “real” money on items they shouldn’t be gone.

This is a well thought out game.

With battle royale/ survival games becoming ever so increasingly popular, this game takes every aspect of the genre and nicely integrates it into the mobile platform. It’s monetization system is very thought out and the game feels overall fair with a level up system that keeps things interesting and rewards dedication. I’m glad I found this game but I’m upset because my iPhone battery is terrible and I’m in need of an upgrade. Luckily I’m due for one but can’t believe I might upgrade for this game.


If you want a game to be addicted to, download this one. Wasted so much time on it already. All for some carrots and firewood and a gun, and some bottles of water. If you have a normal life, don't download this game. If you have shitloads of time to waste on pure gaming heaven, this waste your time on this game. It's awesome.

Good game

It’s a good game but it doesn’t load for me anymore. The loading bar is stuck at the very end nothing happens!

Money grab!

I am lowering my rating - even though game has great potential - developers are money grabbers not updating with key features

Pretty cool

I tend to have a very hard time getting into games and staying hooked. This game has done that.

Just not worth it

I originally really liked this game. For two weeks I built, bought (real $ before the stuff went on sale no less 👎) and explored. However, after reaching lvl 28, there are too many dead ends. Can’t finish my motorcycle because of the ridiculous amount of engine parts required, can’t build the ATV, can’t build a generator, can’t build the radio tower because the mysterious “titan bar”, can’t chat or join a clan . . . and it’s all just a beta! That means all my progress and money spent may be for not. I can’t even keep my iPad and iPhone synced with the same game. I can’t justify any more time or money. This stuff should have been way cheaper or free for a beta. Will see what happens in the future, but I’m betting I will find another game before they get the proper game out . . .

Money wall

No progress only repetitive actions. I can expand my map because the tower is guarded by a horde of zombies. I could only kill them with a machinegun or grenades but that those are faar far unavailable for a beginner. So the only thing i can do is to run around the boring green or maybe orange locations, reds are dangerous. Collect wood, rebuild my house from the zombie horde roam that happens in every 24 hours. Then collect more wood. And some stone. Then wood. Stone. Thats it. Boring without progress, no progress without spending money.

Pls improve it more

Just loooooovvvvvveeeeeee it :D


There’s a bug in the ship wreck event when the ship wreck guy only gives you one crate


They got a few things right, but overall the developer doesn’t understand how to make a balanced FTP game.

So frustrating!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

When I was doing the smugglers event for the red crate and when I finished the timer and killed all the enemies it wouldn't let me open it so I talked to the tom or whatever guy he said I didn't do it and I was so mad I was also a big fan of this game too but now, not so much.

Very frustrated

Love the game but I've cleared out alpha 13 times now and still no chopper gas tank and I won’t be giving anymore money to that jacked up transport engineer crate I bought the 10 pack and the best thing I got was wood also why is it that the moment I bought a box for actual cash I no longer have the option to watch a video to get energy? Seems kinda sucky if it’s not a coincidence

Bitter but Sweet

This game or the update rather is miss leading. The fact that I spent countless money on items looking for rare needed parts and haven’t gotten close to obtaining any. Don’t get too close to a zombie when your gun is about to break. It will throw you towards the Zombie and your health might not be enough to withstand the blow. Energy regen is too slow. Too much loot and not enough or needed parts. Too many needed materials that’s not made available. Fun game to play overall but don’t spend your rent on it. (Or any game rather)

Awesome Game

This Game is addictive!!! Playing for days now, and have no problem with bugs... This game does keep me quite entertained.

Great Idea, Poor Execution.

Great game but far too hard to continue and build your player without using real money. Get too much loot and you'll be gunned down before you can leave the area. Really enjoyed the few weeks I've played but lost interest because progressing is impossible without purchasing. Haven't spent a dime, and won't. Thanks for the few weeks, wish I could continue. Not a money grab app fan.


I was the happiest person ever! When I found this app it is so good runs smoothly really awesome and I like that they give you free stuff in your inbox this game needs to go to console!!!

Very good game

I have been playing since it was released but I stop for 1 month without updating. When I try to play again , my account wasn’t there. I tried logging in but it start with level 1 account. But it a very good game. Everyone should try this game.

Only problem is energy

I love and am addicted to this game. But the amount of time it takes to get full energy is CRAZY! 5 minuets for ONE energy. I am not particularly fond of how they turn this fun game into a waiting game.

Fix your Greedy Company

Officially realize this is a pay to win game no excuses from dev team saying we make the game harder on purpose, fix your shipwreck event or maybe you switched it to 1 opening because it was “to easy.” Don’t give us that BS saying we try to have a FairPlay based game when multiplayer comes out this game either has a chance to fall apart or get better and real honesty how this game/people have become it will fall apart like a left out cookie in a hog sun

This game is Great!!!

This game is like a real life simulation survival game and I'm addictive, Every time I get on my Phone I go on this game. This game is Great!! Also All u readers should definitely download this game if u haven't 'cause it's great!!! I give a Big shoutout to the creator and Good job!! I love this Game!!

Slow progression

I have fallen in love with this game, it deserves a 5 star review but falls worth on a few aspects. Level progression is slow, and finding weapons is rare. In reviews I’ve seen people pick up bunker a pass cards on the body infront of it but I never found it. I’m constantly stocking up on resources with no real goal except level up so I can build the next thing. Hopefully they can add some sort of progression or more ways to gain experience like getting exp for processing materials.

It keeps telling me to update and it already is updated.

therefore it won’t let me play the game and I have already spent too much money on this game for them not to fix this problem. I don’t want to delete the app and attempt to fix it because I already have too much time invested into the game and it will delete my character. Please fix this problem Update- this issue was fixed and it works fine now. Thanks

Great, no matter how you put it

This game is a great game. It's graphics are good, the flow is good. Another nice touch is that there is no tutorial. This lets you do as you please. There should be an update where If you start walking somewhere, you can cancel. Make that change in this is a flawless game

Great game but slows down

With the new update the game seems to kick you out more and slows down. I'd like to play but tired of being kicked out and reloading. It was better before the new update. So much for fixing the bugs and running smoothly. I still can’t get a dam gas tank.


Great game. Wish you could hold 3 more Bags since theres slots. It is a beta game after all. It’s really really really good for a beta tho. There are minor flaws, but it is still in development.

Amazing Game

Amazing game 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Can’t get into the bunker

Since the last update I can’t get into the bunker there is no keycard where it has always been pls bring it back.

Great game

Takes awhile to level up but great game and very addictive!

Great game

Great game, but wish they would raise the limit on items from 20 to more.

An honest rating

This game is alright, but it has way too many shortcomings to give it a 5 star. For one thing, you can't even build the vehicles without shelling out a huge amount of money. The drop rates for actual things you need are non existent, and you can't even access some of the areas on the map. There's also no pvp or coop element whatsoever. Other players are just AI. All around just a very shortsighted cash grab by the devs. It has the potential to change, especially since it's only in the beta stage. But right now there's not very much more than basic farming unless you pay $100+. The devs need to fix it and fix it sooner rather than later, or they are gonna lose a lot of their playerbase

Can we get iCloud Back up?

The game is very fun but a bit of a super grind and repetitive at the beginning. I’m switching to the iPhone X soon and I don’t want to lose my progress to the game when I do so I’m highly suggesting and begging that the game implement iCloud backup for players progression. At the moment if you delete the application or switch phones, you lose your progression and have to start all over.

Needs improvement but still great game

First off, I feel like I spend more time traveling than actually playing the game! The dev’s need to make waiting times shorter. Maybe 20 Minutes tops. Also the “floater bloater” zombie should only spawn in red zones because, going from green to yellow zones is WAY to big of a difference. Some things that would be cool Are randomly finding shacks in forests or caves in rocky areas, character customization, easier to find vehicle parts. UPDATE: So I had some nice things to say about this game However every time I play this game it ends in rage quit if you die and go to find your stuff 90% of the time ITS NOT THERE! Also I feel like I’m forced to buy stuff. I DONT WANT TO BUY STUFF!!! I MEAN HELL UNTIL THE DEVS START LISTENING AND RESPONDIND IM NOT PLAYING THIS F***ING GAME!

ATV Transmission

I’ve searched for this piece everywhere and can’t find it cuz I unlocked some places but not the ones where u need an ATV!!!

Best Game Ever!!!!

I love the game!!! It is a great survival game!!!!

Amazing game but a little slow

I’ve been playing this game for a long time now and I love it but there are a few things that could improve. I think that the ATV Transmission should finally be put in the game as that’s the only thing I’m missing and the chopper parts need to be easier to get because not once in my time of playing this have I gotten a tank or the handles and u need the chopper to be able to take the generator to the watchtower so I can further progress with the game. Other than that it’s an amazing game

Have a little problem.

Dear developer. This game is amazing! But I have troubles with finding CAC A Card. I read a bunch of forums and they saying that in the previous versions of the game there was a dead soldier right in front of the main entrance to bunker Alpha with this card in his pocket. But right now there’s no card inside of him basically. Please give us a tip where to find this access card to bunker Alpha. Thanks!

How to cheat them like they cheat you!

Read third paragraph on how to save money from them stealing it! Don't spend money on their game! You will lose it all and gain nothing! Save your speed travel money for when a plane crashes! Then use all your travel to get all the wreckage bags, usually you can get some guns. I bought 10 weapons packages and got one gun! One gun out of 10 packages! Useless on bunkers! BTW, mini gun is useless, stops shooting as soon as you adjust angle and then takes seconds to start firing again! Get killed every time you use it! I also believe the "players" that come kill you every time you're opening a box or looking in your bag are computer generated! Why? Because when zombies are attacking you and another player starts attacking you, the zombie never attacks the other person, even if they are five times closer to it! Play smart and make these rip off artists create a fun game for us.... for free! No respect for developers who make you spend money and then it ends up being useless! RIGGED! The review that was below me was obviously a developer's review! Really? We should be happy we paid money and then you give us useless crap?! Yeah, I bet a customer said that! It's ok that anything besides guns is useless in a bunker?! Meaning you can't beat it unless you buy guns! I bought ten packages and got one gun! It would cost over $100 to beat a bunker at that rate! Yeah, I bet a real customer said that! Fake reviews from the developers for 5 stars! Do not waste time on the bunkers! If you do not have machine guns, you're wasting your time and will get no where! If you do play bunkers, always store your coupons in storage before going out, otherwise, if you die twice before recouping them, you lose them all, meaning the entire bunker was a waste of time and you get nothing out of it! Again, DO NOT PLAY BUNKERS! I opened every door, killed every monster and it led nowhere. There was one door left and a machine to touch but surrounded by poisonous smoke. I went in in full swat gear, ten med packs, a mini gun, and two machine guns. Guess what? I automatically died! And lost everything and now I can't get to it! Good bye $40 (the amount I paid to get all different gear)! Play for free as a kill-time game, don't care about getting anywhere, because no matter how much money you pay, you won't get anywhere besides slowly building stuff. I spent quite a bit of money at first, but realized spending money and not spending money made no difference in the game play (considering what you buy is either useless or gets lost). Thanks developers for creating a game I can forever play for free! What is the point of allowing bunkers if you can't beat it until you're at least Level 64? The whole game is rigged this, there are so many things they give you, but you can't use until much later? Why? To get you to spend money! Hey developers, did you see that I was spending quite a bit of money before, but now none? That's because I realized spending money is useless and gets you no where. So now I won't be spending my money to play this game! Thanks for creating such a great game I can play for free for the next couple years!

Do not play!

This could be a fantastic game...but, the devs have made it impossible to advance in the game. To get past the basic few playable levels you must build a vehicle. Hey, great, let’s scrounge for parts and build one! I’ve been playing this game for at least 4-5 months at the time of writing this, and still haven’t found the parts needed to build a vehicle. I’ve been level 99 (the highest you can get) for at least a few months. I even broke down and opted for the in app purchases, yet still can’t get the parts I need. I’ve spent roughly $50 on this game, and and I’m no closer to advancing than I was 4 months ago. This game is a complete ripoff. I’d only suggest downloading it if you’re ok with playing the same maps over and over and over, trying to find items you need to advance but never actually being able to advance. It is very clear that the dev is more interested in making money than putting out a playable and enjoyable game. Do yourself a favor and avoid this piece of trash.

Don’t like this game play

I love the lay out and all of that it’s just the fact you have to craft so much to talk and all that you have to have a HELICOPTER TO CROSS A RIVER why not make a dam or a bridge ?!? But no we have to have a helicopter and oh what’s this you have to be like lvl 76 for the dam thing ! Fix this please for he love of god make this game fun I hate fighting a zombie and then another one comes out of no where and attack me like he big muscular one he came out of no where right when I spawned and nearly killed me other than that the game is fun keep doing this also one more thing the players are not players they are AI made to look like a player I fought one that had a spiked club good god and I even had a zombie come up and help him kill me...

Player friendly? Nope.

If youre a new player good luck catching up. All the old players will always stalk and get you right as you finally get good equipment, steal it from you by killing you. Zombies constantly destroying your house (daily hordes destroying it) you cant speak to other players until much later in the game so you cant recieve any help. Not friendly at all for new players. The game has a nice fun concept to it but it isnt easy to start out anymore.

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