Last Day on Earth: Survival App Reviews

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Don’t use this app and please do not spend any money. When you spend money they take what you bought and glitch you out to make you lose it so you have to buy it again. They have done this to me 3 times now. I’m done with it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Little white bar...

I uninstalled the app about 2 months ago because I needed storage. I started missing the game and reinstalled it but whenever I get to the loading screen the little white bar stops at a certain spot and doesn't move at all. I didn't have trouble with this last time why am I having trouble now?

Bone to pick

Alright love this game but the free box really come on u got it set when the coin is in the selection that’s what u get but there is only one coin given and ur always hoping for a gun and u get disappointed cause u get one measly gun mix it up or make it we’re u get like 5 coins or something


It is fun with a little bit of a challenge

Good game; but

Why can’t we just buy any weapons we want rather then have to buy a box they u at the developer choose whether we get a rear weapon. Come on man plz do better.

BS game don’t play this

Game is very glitchy not fun at all A complete waste of time not recommended

Awesome game

Awesome game I love it


Love it!


Loved playing the game until the new update. Since the update the game has been complete trash due to lag.


Great game so far. I’m Liking it. The only thing that bugs me is that my pup has the “best friend” ability which allows me to take them with me but the crate doesn’t actually allow me to take the pup with me. What’s up with that?

Good game but

It’s impossible to farm in this, not literally impossible, but no one is going to spend 3months grinding skill points just to get a motorcycle trait after it already took them forever to get the *ucking bike. The deva try to make up for this by adding more in app purchases but considering a measly 1-3% players actually buy in app purchases this just screws over the 97% of the rest of us. This is easily fixed though just decrease the exp required for skills and increase the chance of rare skills. This would be a step in the right direction.

Hello developer

This is the 5th time I have deleted the game because of every time I die the first time I go back to where my last player was and take his stuff. But the second time I die I go back to the players location and he disappeared and I lost all my items and could not make it back. This is the 5th time I have deleted the game because of the same reason. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else or just me but if you do relate to this comment. The game is not bad it is amazing and one of the best games I have downloaded and played but I really wish things like that would happen to me for the 6th time. I am going to download this game again and start all over but that’s fine because i can make everything over again which will be great. If the developer reads this please respond and if this is a glitch please try to fix this glitch. And another thing I love the dog update and the skills update as well so keep on making more updates and making the game even better. You May be able someday be able to put this game on steam or maybe a download for the Xbox one maybe. Hopefully that can happen one day. Keep on making more updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Interesting because when you go to a different location you don’t know what is there or what you will find.

Last Day On Earth

The game is great fun but the lack to technical support is horrible. I’ve been stuck on the loading screen for over a week. I’ve dropped message to the developers but only get automated replies. I used my name Daryl

Best game you should get it

It’s so cool I like the adventure that the game puts you through and the way you can build stuff is 👌🏻


Everything I need in one game! Love it !

Nice game BUT!!!

1. Is this game beta version? 2. What a hell i can not find Titanium Bar, ash, and engine part... i searched every place on the map 50 times and alfa bunker but nothing yet. Must i biuld someting and then drops game titan ash and engine part? 3. Will be added damage Incresing as passive skill on nonfire wiapons machete, katana and e.t.c. 4. Why i can not get ship event ? i sow meny vids on youtube... On Android yes but on IOS no?


Best open world survival game ever and I think it’s awesome how you added super cute puppies! Keep up the good work.

Last day on earth

I’ve been playing this game for awhile and it’s fun but there are a lot of things I think could make it better like making most items usable the bed, light, the watch tower some more items more easy to find the table a toilet the ability to get tiered gaining experience a little more easy ,online gameplay ,best friend dog not so hard to get, the gas tank the atv engine or the ability to reset the bunker time its like the same thing with every update the change are good but it don’t don’t do much as progress to the game is great but needs more interaction thank overall the games is kool thank you

I Love This Game!

This game is sooooo fun! It’s my favorite one actually. But could you add an option to reset your progress please?? 😁🐶

It has bad system

It’s hard to get level up

Great game

I think you could add a cross bow maybe I don’t know a ak47 or really any thing is good don’t listen to the bad reviews great game

Awesome game

Suggestion make it where you can still other players parts for vechicals because it would make it easier to get parts


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So gimmicky

The fact that whenever there’s a “watch and get a free item” promo and you only get the most basic item is what makes me never want to play this game. They show guns and weapons that are high level items but then only give you iron wood and meat. What’s the point of having this kind of promo? This game really wants you to buy stuff and is so repetitive you might be tempted but don’t fall for it. You lose all your items when you die but there’s no way to increase your health unless you pay money to raise your level and get access to the clothing

Amazing Game

This game is actually the closest you can get to a computer game on the Smart Phone. Absolutely wonderful game, only thing I would suggest is making it a little bit easier to upgrade all you walls in your house, since it takes a lot of grinding to get all that wood and all that metal etc. Keep the updates coming

Good game

Loved this game until they made it where I can not go back to my death site to recover my items, gunna keep playing just now I know NOT to buy for the fact they won’t let you recover items that I spent real money on, trying to force re buying and spending of cash, again ima keep playing but I’m finished buying items.. yes I know you lose items upon death but you say I can scavenge my corpse. My corpse is very where I died at, unless it’s at home base, but I will say this is by far best phone game, apart from that

Too hard to get resources

It is way too impossible to get anything. The oak planks are extremely rare and in each zone there is sometimes only one or two boxes. It is too hard to collect resources for the chopper and atv etc. the game is very fun and smooth but it’s extremely frustrating.


This game is awesome because it has you to get stuff to survive the game you get me 4 and I will gave you to reviews

Can’t get past the loading screen

I have been locked out of the game for a few days... I’m about to delete it because I’m so frustrated. Also, it’s near impossible to advance or find the supplies you need to move forward. I just feel stuck.. but now more stuck just loading and loading and loading... sad.

Not what I wanted

This game is not what I wanted at all. Not only is it FREEMIUM, but it’s also nothing more than a repetitive and PVP game that got boring and bad to me within minutes.... in the trash where it belongs... I never plan on re-downloading this garbage game.

Not a bad game!

It’s well made game! Kill or be killed tho not many ppl want to not attack each other! Can’t we survive in peace lol!


This game is amazing I love it!!!

Good game

Good game ...but, costs way too much to play. Since latest down update I can’t play. Keeps telling me there is a new update. App Store says I was updated.

Great and fun game

The energy is annoying and the inventory is to small to hold anything.

Good grafocs hdhdbdhj



This game is very addicting

Good game!

I’ve been playing this game for about 8 months and I love it! The only thing I don’t like is that when they update the game instead of getting better and less bug issues it always puts more bugs. Mine shuts down, hangs up, and freezes up after the last update. Please fix these issues! I want a non glitching game please!


The game is amazing but there’s an issue that is not cool is how you can’t play with friends and there’s a lot of map

Don’t like it

If I’m getting items and can’t see my surroundings. It’s not fair that the game is set up for s zombie to come and still attack. There no warning or map. 👎🏻

Best game ever

I only have been playing this game for 2 days and I love it

Can’t advance

I reached level 61 and still could not get any of the items needed to advance in the game.

Not bad!

Could use some work in the resources it's so hard to get enough but I thinks it's very entertaining! Updates are frequent to keep it fun.

Good but could be even better

Trees need to grow back I mean it gets really annoying and frustrating to have to go somewhere to get more wood as the only way rocks as well. Also maybe a dodge button would make battle more intense and realistic. Also different items like when you craft our brake rarer items you get more exp also you should earn a gear every couple days or so because then people could play more often and longer. As well we need more types of pets like turn a wolf into a pet our birds. We also need caves. That’s all plz respond and take note.


good boi

Good, But

This game is wonderful but the only thing that the developer would have to change would be to make it to were you can invite friends into your game

Love It

So I’ve been playing this game for a long time now, and I have to say, it’s a pretty good game! It runs smoothly, graphics are great, and really addicting.

Needs these improvements

There should be a marker where you died so you can reclaim your things


This game is awesome. Good time playing it and lots to do.

Won’t open

I love the game and played it for the better part of three months but after recent updates it fails to load on my phone at all I open the app and an infinite loading screen is all I ever get even with excellent service I’m incapable of getting it to open past that I’ll leave it for upwards of 20 min and it just won’t open

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