Last Day on Earth: Survival App Reviews

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Character gets stuck

I just started playing and it’s pretty fun so far, but my problem is, is that my character freezes... a lot. And it’s caused me to die on multiple occasions because I can’t do anything. I think it’s to poor connection but, I don’t know why the entire game freezes when I have poor connection, it doesn’t make sense. When I play grim soul my game never freezes. Anyway fun game just tired of freezing.

Good game so far except

I just started playing this game. I love zombie survival games and so far this has been one of the best I’ve found. I do have some issues. 1. I don’t know if it’s just me or not but my person randomly freezes. Everything else in the game is running but my survivor stays stuck and I have to exit the game completely for her to move again. 2. I understand the game is supposed to be a little difficult but it would be nice if we could NOT get attacked while in our book. I don’t care so much about the crates cuz I mean come on. We can’t have everything but I would definitely like to be in y bookbag and not die. 3. I appreciate that when I die I can go back to my body to retrieve the things I’ve lost but it would be nice if they disappeared once you take the items. It’s a little awkward seeing my survivors dead bodies around... Other than these 3 things I am so far pretty happy with this game. Just please if possible fix the survivor freezing. That alone makes it irritable to play sometimes. Thanks! And great game!

Best Game Ever

This is a very addicting game and I play it almost every day. Keep up the good work!👍👍

Love it

I love the game it’s really good but I just hate that that the chopper gas tank and fork are to rare

Gas tank is a myth!

I have been playing for a year, completed countless bunker runs, achieved the highest experience level, and spent money. Yet the gas tank will not drop. How much more money do I need to spend because what I have spent is obviously not enough. I like this game but this is totally bogus. I have more engine parts and forks than I would need for 10 motorcycles!

Good game but...

First off, I’d like to say that this is a great game. It’s like a mobile DayZ or H1Z1 except much more basic. It’s great that you actually have to work for things in this game, and the gameplay is also decently smooth. The game has awesome features as well. My experience with this game was definitely fun, and O was totally interested in the game. I even put some money in it, but I do think that the in game purchases are well overpriced, and you definitely don’t get what you pay for I bought the raiders starter pack or something with swat armor and it broke in a day (irl.) I also think that the game should seriously stock up those loot-able chests with more things because it’s unusually quite difficult to acquire certain items. Anyways, I’d be looking forward to an update upgrading armor endurance and buffs in loot.

Great game but has a few issues

Ive been playing this game for almost a year and i still don’t have the motorcycle because the drop rates for the gas tank is rigged, the hourly crate that you watch an add for is rigged ive gotten a coin every single time, and the game freezes a lot, other than those issues this game is very good and i would recommend it.

Bug or something?

So I went to craft a turret and now it won’t let me log back on to the game. It booted me off then when I tried to reopen it loads almost a the way then just sits there. Please fix I have spent too much time and money on the game

Come on!

Good game but no progress and always crashing! Whats up with that! Why is a legitimate game crashing all the time? Fix this!

Free reward

I usually don't have any problems with this game I've played it for a while and well the free reward is kinda rigged it only lets you get coins and that's it while i was playing just know i decided to open the reward and when i did it stopped an the AK-47 but instead of actually stopping it just went really fast and gave the some more coins please fix this so it can be fair and not rigged

Good game but

Loved this game but then the horde attacked and its like I started back at square one.plz fix

Great game


Trouble logging in

When I get on it tells me that the connection was lost when I try to log in on iOS and it tells me to restart the game I tried that but it doesn’t work it tells me that connection is lost and that I should restart the game.

Loading screen

If can’t play check your phone capabilities or your Internet speed might just need to get better Internet it’s not the game had same problem went on iPad worked fine

Problem needs to be solve

I rarely spent money on games, but this games seems fun so I spent couple hundreds of dollars...but.. there are some issues need to be solved. I died in the bunker the first time by the paradise. the second time I went back trying to get my stuff back from my first body, I took the elevator and before the screen even showed up, I got killed by the paradise again..The first body has disappeared and I lose everything I just bought, a bag full of new armors....the problem should be fixed...otherwise I don’t want to waste money happened many times in the can I die while I was still on my loading screen. I’m really disappointed right now. I don’t know if I should keep playing...or should I keep wasting money.


Creators, you’ve done a killer job with this game! Some annoying items I’ve notice is that while you’re in auto mode you can not access your backpack items or create new items while your hacking away at a tree or mining anything. You should definitely change that. Another thing is that you should create more alloy iron spawns. How’s someone to continue the game without a radio tower, I’ve been playing the game for about a year now and it seems like I’m waiting for the creators to finish their work to continue on! Let’s get this game going and stop delaying players progress!

Da best

The title inspired me to play it when I tryed it it was awesome! But when the horde came I was like "oh crap" because I didn't have many weapons I only had a few shotguns and a pistol and a machete. But somehow I won the battle!


Hello, I LOVE the game!! I feel like I’ve been playing since you first released the game. I like how the game has grew but the “missing” thing, it’s not working for me. It doesn’t make sense to be right in front of a zombie, while they are hitting you, to continuously miss. It happens more with the zombies with more health and does the most damage. Like the one in the bunker takes like half your health yet, you can miss until you’re backed into a corner and it kills you! I guess you don’t want to make it too easy but, you already made the Bunker A card hard to find. Maybe if you could focus those harder updates on another part of the game. I just don’t like to missing thing, I LOVE everything else.


Stupid game, gets boring very quickly. It’s not even fun tbh. Don’t waste your time lol. I don’t even like the format as well. I expected a great game because the reviews said it was good😒

Pay To Win

The game starts off great. You make your character and before you know it, you’re harvesting resources and building your first home. Eventually though, you’ll be forced to find rare components to craft valuable objects and to find those rare components you’ll have to leave the comfort of the green zones and venture into more difficult territory such as the Bunker. But these more difficult zones are understandably guarded by more difficult monsters. The problem is the weaponry you get isn’t enough to fill clear the zone. What few precious guns you do have run out of ammo and break way too fast and you’ll be forced to go hands on with melee weapons which will get you killed more often than not. Especially when some creatures can kill you with a single hit. There has to be a balance between finding weapons and being able to clear out certain areas to find elusive parts. Unfortunately this company wants you to pay for such weapons. The energy system is also geared to making you pay. You start off with 100 energy but a trip to the bunker can cost you upwards of 30+ energy. Given your low inventory space you’ll have to make several trips back and fourth to your home or if you die, you start back at your house. You will run into energy issues fast and often here as well. Too bad because this game does have great potential.

Fun game

Game is extremely fun when I can play it. The last update did something so that it doesn’t load half the time. Keeps saying lost connection and to restart. I do that, and it keeps saying the same thing.

Won’t load

Ever since the new upgrade my game won’t load since I downloaded it again. When I click restore its on the loading screen for a very long time but when I start a new game it’s lighting fast please fix


Game was cool for about five minutes until I continually has to reset the game due to it lock with my character running in place. Waste of time

From Aleah ❤️

It’s a pretty nice game and I really enjoy playing it It’s a game of survival and has a lot to it and it’s something to do while I have nothing else to do.

Dying Before Area even loads

This game is pretty cool, but does have some issues. The most annoying one is the fact that zombies can already be attacking and killing you before the loading screen is even done loading. It’s frustrating going to high risk areas, because you lose all of your heavy duty equipment because you couldn’t even defend yourself since you were on a loading screen, and you can’t retrieve your stuff because it happens over and over. It’s not fair that zombies can attack you before you even come off the loading screen.


I don’t spent all that money just for y’all to take everything I paid for, wow just wow


I deleted this game and decided to try it again know that I know a little more on how to play. Again love it BUT for two days now I can play for about 3min and my character all of a sudden freeze in place... I can’t do a thing and am forced to log out, force close and try again. Another issue I’m having is when I log back in it’s taking about 2-3 min to load than it won’t load the progress so again I’m having to force close every tine I want to play... my WiFi is just fine. Please, please, please fix this ASAP. I’m really wanting this game to succeed.

Grate game. But...

Good graphics. It’s hard at times. Mostly finding parts you need. Theirs no getting around it. Doing the same things over and over. Will Aggravate you to no end. And then when you do spend money don’t expect to get what your looking for. They should really consider changing the way you buy items on the game. It’s beyond frustrating. I could see how someone would rage quit this game. Being in the same area for to long is annoying. You build items just to find out you have to come up with even more parts for the items. Theirs a difference in a hard game. And a game that seams like the adventure not going anywhere. Regardless if you finish the bunkers get all the tickets. But that don't take away from the fact that it’s a good game. But the developers really need to conceder doing some different things. In order to keep it interesting. And moving forward. Weeks of gameplay just to build a bike is a little bit ridiculous. It sadly feels like a way to just get more money. Has grate potential.

Needs some SERIOUS improvements

This game is good and is also one of my favorite games ever but it has a lot of bugs. Sometimes when you kill a zombie their body stretches past their limit. Also, alot of items are REALLY hard to get. They can be found in bunkers but it’s really difficult to find them. There’s another glitch that keeps getting me killed. If you’re by a zombie when it starts it’s attacking animation and walk away it will still hurt you; like in the bunker there’s a one hit kill zombie that keeps in killing me because if that glith. Once you fix my glitch (or if you) i will rate this game 5 stars and play it more often

Server problem

The game constantly tells me that it can’t connect to the servers. And I’ve tired it on good WiFi and on phone data with Excellent signal. It’s starting to get frustrating and not worth the hassle I hope it gets updated soon...

Amazing game

Very addicting and so many things to do!

Add more backpack space when beginning

I understand that you made this game in a way that you have to spend hours collecting and coming back to your house but really for every survival zombie game I've played I've seen way more backpack space. (Response to developer response) - no I don't need any help other than you need to add more backpack space to begin with how hard is that to understand. Either way I uninstalled the game it got boring for me.

Frustrating but sooo good

It is the most confusing thing to get a connection lost error that says it seems you have lost connection to one of our game servers meanwhile it’s loading in the background but never finishes😩😩


I buy same thing but not funded in my account where my coins !

Problems opening the game

Fun game but most of the time I have to quit the game and restart it bc it freezes up. And it has problems opening up and starting. Other than that it’s a fun game.


This game should be on all major platforms like Xbox ps4 and such


This game is trash it’s making fun of my obese mom and when I ask fat chocolate milk it gave me a milkshake and I hate this game and another player had bloody direea in my house I made and I can’t play with my cousin I just want to fart on this game

Frustration, Play it if that’s what you want.

I initially gave this game 5 stars. Games fun and all. Fluid controls and easy to understand. A lot of things to do. Valuable drops are super hard to come by. I am lvl91 and still don’t have enough parts to complete my chopper...... Even when I spend money for crates of RANDOM items that seem to be fixed to give you only clothing 9 out of 10 times. I spent quite a few dollars trying to land a gun. ANY GUN!! And finally got one. Then I got killed in the woods where you can normally go right back to your dead corpse and pick up your belongings. Well, as you may have guessed it, my corpse was no where to be found......all my cash I spent for a freakin gun was for nothing.......I hate you guys.... And since when Frenzied runs after you at the speed of.....faster than you? It’s bad enough that the thing can pretty much one punch me, now it’s going to be impossible to make some distance just to turn and fire a shot. After I died three times trying to kill this thing and retrieve my items from my initial death, (of course, it’s all gone, bc I died three times. The original death point was over written) the game then trying to tell me to buy a weapon crate to help me survive.....really? I’ve been playing this game since it’s first came out. It has been more of frustration than enjoyment for me. I can now not have to feel bad at all deleting this game off my phone, bc it’s not worth it at all......

Game speed

After this update the game speed has dropped sharply

Love it

I love this game it’s smooth good graphics and it give you a chance to actually have fun unlike like other games when you die you can’t get your stuff back but in this game you CAN!!!!!


The game concept is cool. I get it. I just recently played this game as of 7/8/2018. Within the last couple of hours of playing the game, I noticed that many problems exist, which are as follows: 1. The game glitches. The character freezes or doesn’t move when enter a new location. Even if I close out the app completely and restart it. I find the character still can’t move. 2. Timer takes longer that expect. Be realistic. 10 minutes should be ten minutes. I get notifications that I am at my destination and I come to find out, that I am still not there. The timing is super inaccurate. 3. Should not make the game just about money. I rather have payed for the app then waste money on buying time and things related to the game. Once these things are fixed The Gamers experience will be much better. Other then that I like the concept of the game. It may drag to many but for some people, we like it that way.

Good game

It’s a good game but freezes a lot so I hope you guys fix that problem


please add persian language


Rigging the box for ad is shameful your that selfish smh I’ll write better review if it’s changed.

Wallet vacuum

This game used to be fun at least it had kind of pricey packs but you got a good deal m16 with swat armor but now it’s like ok pay $3.99 for a chance at a mini gun or a scar but you end getting a pistol or the shot gun and pay another $1-2.99 for a chance at motorcycle parts but end up getting wire (most common material in the game to me) or ball bearing


Hola el juego me gusta mucho pero tengo un problema , no puedo jugar , cuando intento entrar me carga la barra si se queda hasta el final y de ahí no sigue , quisiera una solución ya soy nivel máximo con muchas cosas y no quiero empezar de nuevo , gracias


Love the game but it freezes constantly


Game is absolutely repeat repeat repeat. Not much excitement and takes for ever to get anywhere unless you are willing to spend a lot of money. Not really worth the time unless you have lots of it to kill. In the beginning it’s ok but unless you spend a lot of money you don’t get anywhere. The harder stuff is near impossible. You never get what you need just a bunch of random crap. The trader is pointless since he will only trade for certain items.


Game freezes none stop

Amazing game

This is an amazing game it combines stuff like Minecraft and call of duty. The only thing I have to say is that a zombie horde every 24 hours is a little much and it makes it hard for players to level up their homes. Other than that all the updates so far have been really cool and progressive! Great graphics and game play!

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