Last Day on Earth: Survival App Reviews

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Really fun but could use work

One thing I felt I needed to comment on is picking up from dead self. When you press pick up all on things it puts everything in your inventory that can fit but i wish that when picking up from dead self it would automatically equip your backpack and clothing so that you can easily pick up your stuff and run. Love the game over all but a few other things here and there need adjusting as well but great game!

A mazing game

I’m lovin’ it

Hella Fun!

Very Enjoyable to play on your free time! 👍🏼

Perfect but...

This game is a masterpiece!Especially the time you’re comparing with others.Graphics 10/10,runs smoothly;but difficulty is really exaggerated!!Okey,got it you can’t have anything you want to have.However it shouldn’t take so long that build a motorcycle!There is no way to find engine parts!Also I’m a gamer who is about to reach the level 80 and even in the second level forest,I must deal with THE BIG ONE!I mean seriously?? The Big One in the yellow forest!?!! Anyway,love it but needs improvement,too!


i hope theres some tutorials for beginners

No support/major connection issues

Some game mechanics are terrible. You’ll spend weeks/months to get certain items only to have the game glitch during play and cause you to die and lose key items. There’s a connection error that happens frequently since the latest updates that make this game awful. I’m sure they will blame it on the players connection but I never had an issue until recently.

Don’t waste your time

I’ve played this game in a total of 24 hours. I’ve died 2 times loosing everything. I’ve even purchased weapons with real money trying to go into higher levels and it’s even hard to get through a hard level- the weapons you do find won’t last but 5 minutes. Items are way to hard to find let alone the backpack barely gives you any room to store anything. The fact that a horde attacks your home and gives you 24 hours before they get there. Seriously the stuff you need to even advance your house you can’t even find the materials for it and if you do it’s limited. In order to really get anywhere with this game you have to purchase actual things and that’s where I ended up deleting it! I found 2 ID cards that have zero use for the bunkers you are accessed too and it takes way to long to get to half of these places anyways. I’m sorry but I’m not going to wait over 45 min before I get to another place. If you have ALOT of free time on your hand then this game is for you. If not I wouldn’t bother! It was fun while it lasted but don’t waste your time on it. Other players kill you quick fast and in a hurry. Seriously in order to survive you will have to purchase items that you really need and you don’t get them ‘til level 20 and up. Let’s be realistic here, you will die numerous times and loose almost everything and have to start all over, ya no thanks.

good game but

i liked this game alot i played it every day until it crashed i keep trying to restart it but its no use so i had to delete my data and redownload the game as a noob please fix this for mobile

Top survival game

Not at all happy! Now with this new update, the game won’t load! So now I’ll probably have to wait for the next update to even play it. Get it together.

Coss plat

I loved to play this game on my galaxy, but I switched to iOS and I can’t get any of my stuff. I payed over $150+ on a game I loved. Could u please either give me my $150 in the game with in app purchases or just make is compatible. Please and thank u

Fun game but...

The game is fun. But it keeps crashing on me. Will change review if this is fixed.

Game progress

I can say this is one of the best game on the mobile platform. Please is there anyway to transfer my game progress from my android device to ios device?

Koo game

I love this game only wish I could get my old account back😭😭

The game great but

It’s extremely difficult let’s take the riders. They ask for many things and the location they give full of zombies I barely open box or two besides the good ones behind walls and c4 not available to be made yet(some of the resources missing). Police station I can get one green badge so how long I need to get the purple one (needs 1000 badge). And for the gunsmith upgrading more than one or two weapons impossible they ask for huge amount of resources. And what’s makes this game really difficult is all those high damage zombies force you to use fire guns which you can’t made yet because the resources not available in the game. Please make it easier so we can enjoy playing (Last day on earth)

Game cheats, especially after you purchase stuff

I live this game and it breaks me to have to stop playing it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died in places and gone back and the old body is gone. Has such fun potential, but like if I’m working a zone (yellow or green) have filled my military backpack with resources and then a dude shows up with a freaking assault rifle, molds me out of the blue...I go back and my body with the weapons I purchased with my military backpack that I purchased and then magically my body is gone?? I’m only writing this review because it happened four times in a row! And that was me starting new games in new servers. I would make purchases in the store and unless I contacted customer support the gear wouldn’t arrive. Fun game if you doing mind putting in the time just to get cheated at some point

To much pay to win

Literally the only way to get a gun is to buy from the shop there should be events to get good qauility guns

Greed is probably the roots to all issues.

I don't seem to understand why half the reviews say that the bad reviews are all people who don't have patience or don't like a challenge. It's pretty easy to see why people hate this game and it's developers. Short Version: You ain't getting to anywhere without paying money. If you have money, it's an OK game. If you don't have money, there isn't any point to try and play this. Long Version: Well, patience is a huge problem, not everyone has a lot of free time and everything takes until the next day. Also, you can't build walls without buying(real world money) supplies because the horde just breaks it down. This means you can't do raiding or you'll just lose everything you have. Another one of the biggest problems is motorcycle parts. They're more like a myth than something you can find in the game. I've found all of the ATV parts(Not including the supplies nor engine parts) before I even found a single part(Other than the wheel you usually find) for the motorcycle. Also, the only place you can find motorcycle parts apparently is in Bunker Alfa while security protocol is on(Makes the Bunker harder) or you can PAY MONEY FOR LOOT BOXES, but both have issues: -Loot boxes are completely random and most of the time you won't get motorcycle parts because they're extremely rare. - Bunker Alfa refills the enemies after two days and closes all doors, making you lose all your progress. -You can't get to a sixteenth of Bunker Alfa without a gun. You can't get a gun without going to the Red Zones or the LIMITED TIME areas. It's rare to find guns in the Red Zones and you will usually die by the Big One. The LIMITED TIME areas aren't even in the game most of the time. So you're probably not going to get a motorcycle and that means about most of the game is locked off away from you. You get to keep going to the same areas until you get bored. I don't know how many people are at KEFIR, but having what seems like bots responding to people isn't helping. KEFIR have what PUBG has: They'll keep adding crap to their game and don't stop for sometime to fix problems or just listen to the newer people. Edit: Thank you KEFIR for responding. While I do get irritated with some of the games mechanics(This post is a demonstration), I actually do enjoy the game. I just wish it could be changed a little so that everyone(including the ones that didn't pay anything) could have a chance to get to further points.

Love the game

I absolutely love this game but the one thing I i don’t like is that it takes so long to travel anywhere. Other than that this game is amazing.

It’s like EA made this game

I mean I get that developing a game requires money, but I mean while this game is fun and all, it’s really hard to play without being prompted to spend actual money on it. Beautiful gameplay and design, but the energy thing is a bummer as well as taking hours to travel to other places, and yea while it may be great someday, its just a cluster of micro transactions at this point. Same with the other game they made. Edit: I forgot I put this salty post in lol I apologize. I gotta say it is amazing besides the fact, game development isn’t free. Deserves 5 stars, looking forward to the finished product

Please help

Can I have the tickets that got taken from me for no reason I was returning from the bunker and I was un able to move which I died and lost everything please can you return some i had 8 red 24 yellow and 3 green


I got band because someone else had a gun but was not in the game and I equip it is a good game but it’s just the hackers yes you can help me

You die and you come back with nothing??

At least let the character keep the clothes, you have to star all over again come on guys, its a great game, but thats not fair, after you gather all the stuff to fix a weapon, you die and u come back with nothing, i want it to spend some money on the game, but after that no wayyyyyy, at least let the player keep the basic weapons the ones you make, and the backpack, i understand everything else you find gets taking away when u die, bit at least let them keep the basics.

Good game but my melting furnace won’t work

Please fix this I honestly can’t seem to get my melting furnace to do the job it’s supposed to do. I put wood inside of the the furnace and nothing comes out.


Just as I thought it would be and i just love this game

Remove the tweaked version.

The tweaked version is good, but is not fair for others.

Love the game!

I love this game, I’ve been playing since it first came out. Granted, after a while I ran out of time to play, as I got busy with work. However, I did download it again. I’ve been playing for a while and the only complaints I have are; 1. I wish parts for the chopper were more easily obtained. As long as I have been playing I still do not have the chopper complete. I need the gas tank and mirror yet. 2. I wish more zombies dropped the tickets for in bunker alpha. 3. I wish there was more options for guns and/or, the guns were more obtainable. The game has good graphics, the developers are doing an amazing job, it’s very enjoyable! Although, it does take a considerable amount of time to get everything you need and to upgrade your base. I understand that it is a survival game. However, I just think some things could be more available. Oh! And the free item you get for watching a add! It NEVER stops on anything good. Usually stones, carrots, etc. I’ve personally seen it speed up PAST the AK it about stopped on several times! Other then that, it IS a really good game and I do recommend it to others!

I love this game!

Saw this game as a suggestion on insta and I usually hate most survival games (even though I love the theme) because they’re generic and basic but this one is so unique, thought out, and the graphics are great!! I am in love with this game!!

Awesome game!

The game is challenging, you’ll have to work for your skills, run a lot from wolfs and other stronger zeds but it’s rewarding. Eventually you learn new skills and get stronger, bigger and better building and accessories.


I have now purchased 2 items in game with real world cash, and haven’t gotten either of them, the loading screens take way to long to load and it always says “oops something went wrong” good thing I only lost 7 dollars, but this game is not worth 7 dollars. Very unhappy with this

Nice game but

This game is more like pay to win its impossible to survive out there


Love the game and I want to see the car for a vent more

Great game but some things could be better

I absolutely enjoy playing the game and never really have a hard time with it but there are a few things that bother me about the game. For one, when you die, depending on what location you’re at you can either regain your loot or you loose it all and that’s frustrating. Also, the unknown box is kind of ridiculous for giving you the same common loot accessories like logs, carrots, or beer compared to weapons that could be used. Other than that it’s a great game!

Really really bad game

Please stop putting the Big one in Red Zones! What is the point of doing that! He doesn’t even despawn from there , I go to the yellow zone come back he is just waiting i tried for about 3 times! You guys are just wanting for people to waste energy doing this! You guys are dumb with coding. I try to spawn into the red zone but nope The Big one is just waiting for me right where I spawn and starts to hit me before I can even see the screen are you kidding me? This game is a joke you guys are soooo money hungry that you had such a nice game concept and ruined it just because y’all wanted money learn how to market.

Love it

Never fun game and wish I could get coin for doing challenges!!

Not happy

So I tried to purchase two of the different extras such as the like the stone room and the special forces pack and it took my money but didn’t give me the actual thing I was purchasing I am not sure who I need to get in contact with.



Super fun

This game is awesome but I hated it when you die


You Should make it so you have no limit on energy so that people can play longer


I love this game a lot it’s really fun!

Needs improvement

I’ve played this game off and for about a year and while I like the recent changes, several improvements need to be made. There is no consistency when you die whether your supplies and body can be picked up or not. Seems totally random. It either needs to be all of the time or none of the time; doesn’t matter which, just pick one. Also, it’s pretty lame that you can be killed on the loading screen. You shouldn’t be able to be killed before you can even do anything. It’s incredibly frustrating. Make those changes and I’ll consider spending money on the game.

Love this game but...

I really love this game and deleted it a while back because I’m getting sick and tired of the energy. I’m reinstalling it right now to try it out again but they need to reduce the energy or take it out like Madden Overdrive did.

The game

Totally true

It’s awesome but...

I recently just went to the police station their were too many Zombies and I was wondering if you could take some out and for the Hordes of zombies can they actually walk though our land? -Kind Regards from your nice player Mariana

Absolutely Fantastic Game

This game is absolutely amazing and I stumbled across it by accident and I’m so glad I did I just hope the updates keep rolling out for this awesome game!

Random suggestion by Konnor Hughes

Dear kefir support team I had a random idea for when the tactical backpack releases can you please make it 15 extra carrying slots please I will do anything thanks so much Konnor Hughes


I recommend for any action, adventure, or zombie fans!!

Fun,addicting yet major complaint

Fun addicting game but only thing I’m mad at is how they updated it requiring more materials and items to make tools etc. it already takes a lot of time/ requires a lot of material to produce items why require more that are hard as he$@ to find?! Last rant why change the logo of the game?? Took the survivalist gun away now he’s grabbing his back pack straps. Is the liberal agenda leaking into the games now as well?

Good game but

To make things better I think players should be given option to use creative or survival mode

Really great just one thing

I love this game got it yesterday and now I can’t stop playing it just one thing plz add underwater features like burried treasure secret underwater caves ship wrecks and scuba gear

Great Game!

This is such a great game! There are a few glitches in the equipping section and the build mode, but other than that it is very fun!

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